Police (VBPD) Released a Very Valuable Clue

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice has investigated Shellie’s timeline very carefully and a very valuable piece of the timeline was released by VBPD Vice in MyNews.com on August 13, 2020. Va BEach citizen DT was a second witness, while walking his dog and saw Shellie further down the road at 4:06 AM, a very valuable piece of her timeline. We know now that Shellie passed her street to her house and was heading further down the road. This information tells us she did not go home but chose to ride to another location on Suffolk Rd.

Justice has already written numerous posts regarding Shellie’s time line after leaving the 7-Eleven. We know the exact time via a surveillance camera which puts the time as 3:50AM. We knew that a witness reported seeing Shellie at 4 AM riding her bike in the same traffic circle where she was later found murdered. They then reveal that a second witness was out walking his dog and said he saw Shellie further down the road at 4:06 AM still riding her bike. The location of DT (2nd witness) observation at 4:06 helps tell the story where Shellie was heading the location that 2nd witness (DT) saw was at the corner of Kings Grant Rd and Suffolk Lane. This location is about 4 blocks up on Kings Grant from Shellie’s house location. She did not go home but was in an area of Suffolk and Kings Grant. She proceeded down Suffolk Lane and 2nd Witness observed her make a sharp right turn (Suffolk lane) and lost visibility.

Justice has had over 20 meetings with witness #2 (DT) and has put together what was observed and related to Justice.

DT tells us that Shellie made a left turn off of Kings Grant at Suffolk Lane and he watched her ride her bike slowly back and forth as he followed her. At a sharp right turn he lost her visibility however when he arrived at the sharp turn he looked down the street and could not see her. The important value is that on the corner of Suffolk La was the home of the person that discovered her body later at 6:08AM. That man was PH.

Was DT mistaken on ID of Shellie? I do not believe he was mistaken. I believe he saw Shellie and that she was headed to PH’s house. Was she murdered there and dumped at the traffic circle?

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