PH Personal Account from a “Not so good friend” (Shellie’s Murder)

Written by Clarke Kent

A highly qualified software expert who worked with PH in Special Operations responded to a post dealing with Shellie’s murder to help Justice for Shellie secure information on PH’s involvement in Shellie’s murder. An Anon person responded on our blog with “You’ve found one. I worked with PH at the time of the event (the day after actually).” He tells us that in the months after the event I couldn’t quite figure out but something wasn’t right with it. “I didn’t give it much thought at the time but it troubled me enough after seeing recent news articles to start fact checking led me here.” [the blog]

After coworker contacted Justice for Shellie an interview was held on September 27, 2015. the Anon Co-Worker related his personal conversation with PH on Monday morning, August 15, 2005 which was the day after the murdered body was discovered at the Kings Grant Circle by PH himself. Anon Co-worker did not have any knowledge about the call to police or PH visit to the abandoned house. He did say, however, “he ain’t what he says he is “referring to him being a family man and a devoted church person. He did saw when he found her she was still breathing and he comforted her and prayed with her. He also said that he tried to put her clothing back on her. This alone stunned Justice and Bill since we are aware, as the police are of what was found at the scene and what was missing.

What really bothers me is the contradiction of his attempt to put back her clothing when the police claim that no pants or underwear were found at the murder scene. This, alone, is stunning as Bill and I were aware of what was found at the scene and what was missing.

He did say that he covered the body without specifying what covered her body. He did also say that “PH had skeletons in his closet” but that was his observation not at this point in time but a combination of observation over many months. He didn’t elaborate further however his conversation revealed some weird and bizarre behavior. For example, he said his divorce was caused by the events of Shellie’s murder. His words were “event had everything to do with his divorce.” He also disclosed that PH’s ranger training should have prepared him for what he experienced (Shellie’s murdered body). appeared he was incapable of handling further talk about Shellie.

Anon Coworker also exposed the fact that PH had an obsession with young girls and “dreamed about naked young girls.” At another point he relates that PH had visions of “young girls naked.” Anon Coworker did his best to explain that PH had sexual fantasies and this may have been recognized by his wife ushering in a speedy divorce.

Anon coworker also told us that he was observed by others wearing girls underwear. A few months after the murder he talked of suicide. He also mentioned he thought it weird that PH at 49 wore braces for cosmetic reasons.”

Was wearing girls underwear PH’s fetish?

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3 Responses to PH Personal Account from a “Not so good friend” (Shellie’s Murder)

  1. Clark Kent says:

    There are many statements that PH made that misrepresent th e facts in this case.Example when he spoke about the body he found he never told police or others that he knew the person and he only found out the next day, when his daughter told him after her learning it via TV. I interviewed the family across from his house and both the husband and wife said that they heard him say he knew the person without IDing her name.If the LE knew he were aware of the knowledge of the person they would have handled their investigation in a more aggressive manner toward him. Also PH came to there home to reveal what had happen just hours prior. The couple revealed that he was unset and requested a strong liquor drink. The point I’m trying to make is that PH did not wand people to Know that they PH& Shellie had a history together starting when he coach her in sports.There is a lot to say about a teenager and a man 20 plus years older.

  2. Clark Kent says:

    The couple that he visited with occurred as soon as he arrived home after LE dropped him at has house about 12 noon. This couple were the first people outside of the police to speak with him since he discovered the body.

  3. Evidence says:

    I remember when it was not kosher to speak about PH. It was the common view that he was a “Good Samaritan”. But there were things that he said that bothered me. A number of different things that were odd.
    I remember I was driving on a sales call with my job and rehashing all of this in my mind. I then called Bill Carson and told him that some things he said just did not sit right and I wanted to come over and talk to him. I asked Bill if he remembered him? I asked him if perhaps he had a daughter or son the same age as Sheille? Bill leaned back from where he was sitting and Pulled down Shellie’s year book. And sure enough there was his daughter about the same age and Bill then remembered his as her Coach. I then looked up his address.
    What a coincidence that his house was about 50 yds or so from where The man walking his dog at 4:15am saw the girl riding her bike. But was it a coincident? Of course the rest was history as myself, Bill, Clark Kent and others spent many hours doing time lines etc. Not to mention getting up at 4am to see how the street and murder scene appeared at that time. Then of course even more “Coincidences” started to pop up.
    One thing that was interesting was that Street where the house was located was on a small bend. The Man walking the dog quickly lost sight of the Girl of the bike as she passed and around the bend, but why? The street is well lit for a good ways down the road. Where did she disappear to?
    We spent many hours and came up with some interesting scenarios.

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