Overlooked Autopsy Report – Points to Savage Bludgeoning

Written by Clarke Kent

After reading the autopsy report my thoughts focused on the vicious, savagely brutal attack on Shellie. She was murdered, but my focus was why and how did the killer attack her to savage her and purposely fixated on her head. The autopsy reveals “blunt blows repeatedly to the head.” This viscious and savage attack revealed “multiple blows to the head creating more than 20 lacerations consistent with twenty to twenty-five blows.”

In the account, he not only murdered her, he also nullified her face. She became unrecognizable. I kept thinking why and who had the motive to kill her as he did. I focused on the motive and put myself at the scene of the murder and thinking of all the suspects and why they may have killed her in the factions of destroying identification. Who had the motive and why? That question helped when I looked at the overkill and considered some of the suspects. Why would the murder be to make her unrecognizable when the LE will discover it from the finger prints, or many other ways?

I, myself, came to my own conclusions on the suspect and why.

What the question is, is who killed Shellie and what motivated the overkill portion of the murder? This overkill is new to us and may help us to focus more on the suspects when they ask themselves who had the motive to kill her and why she was murdered in with the added overkill.

The question of the overkill bay be associated with the person who discovered her body. If she could not be recognized, who benefits?

Tell us your thoughts of the autopsy report and your thinking.

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7 Responses to Overlooked Autopsy Report – Points to Savage Bludgeoning

  1. Ocean air says:

    The autopsy says so much

  2. Ocean Air says:

    The murder was a personal rage murder. The autopsy says way more than people believe..
    Don’t even think that PH did it, just because he found and he knew her does not mean anything.. Know that his alibi and time, and video was noted by LE..

    • TK says:

      PH alibi may have been noted by LE,there’s no proof it was looked into….considering the mall was closed and dropping his daughter off at the mall was his alibi 🙁

      • Clarke Kent says:

        TK We have very little information about PH alibi prior or after the Event of Shellie Murder. With regard to his vehicle the White Honda Odyoss was there from when he arrived at the Circle which is around 6AM and stay there till Monday morning when Police released it.When the forensic team arrived until they left I don not have any information that it was searched .Please remember The police at this point do not know that he has history with Shellie and that he was just a guy driving around the Kings Grant Circle and saw something that caught his eye and just stop to find a girl with blood all over her with and he tried to help. He firmly insisted that she was alive at the time he arrived.His insistence on helping her protects him for having his DNA all over the body.We strongly believe that Shellie visited him at 4:20 at his Home on the corner of Suffolk La & Suffolk Ct. Now from there to the Circle with bike were discovered around 6:09 Am.Was she killed there and then dumped with bike at the Circle site?

  3. Clark Kent says:

    Ocean Air You discount PH while I believe he is a strong suspect.I have found so many times he claimed he did not know Shellie. I personally talked to the first person he spoke to right after he returned from his house.It was a couple who resided across the street.They told me he stated that he knew the victim,without revealing the victim name to the couple. Why would PH tell us 2 separate stories? Remember he coached her on a sport team and I interviewed a close girl friend that revealed he had sex with Shellie He certainly knew her. Also I believe Shellie was that girl seen by suspect 2 (Don T)at 4:06am ,riding her bike on Suffolk Ct. & when Shellie made a sharp right turn on the Ct And the next street was Suffolk Cir. PH lives on that corner. Don T when he got to the turn could not find her.

  4. Redwood grant says:

    I’m going to assume they dusted the bike for prints and DNA…..

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