Clarke’s Theories on PH and Murder Site

Written by Clarke Kent

According to the Indictment/Investigation Report we discovered that PH was not the party who alerted VBPD to the discovery site of Shellie’s murder. PH has led us to believe that he was the one who called 911 at 6:09 AM about finding the site where Shellie’s body was discovered savagely beaten to death. After reading the incident report we learn that PH was not the one who reported and alerted police to where Shellie’s body was discovered. PH however was labeled as a (IO) or “Involved Other.”

What does this tell us? It tells us that another party was the reporting party and alerted VBPD to the King’s Grant Circle location.

PH’s vehicle, a white Honda Odyssey was parked on the circle and in fact stayed put until Monday morning when it was released by police. PH was an instant suspect in Shellie’s murder. The person who killed Shellie also is aware and knows he can be recognized by the Reporting Party as well as the fact that a vehicle identifies the driver and that a white Odyssey was owned by PH.

Could this scenario be possible? PH knows at this point that he is a marked man and panics. His instant decision is to be the one who tries to revive her, however he also know that being discovered with Shellie’s body will create a problem as he was her coach and had sexual relations with her. Because police were on their way he creates the circumstances that he just found a body of a female. He must brutally make her unrecognizable in order to keep police from being suspicious of their relationship. The autopsy report supports major attack to her head, the overkill and result of becoming unrecognizable.

In his conversation with police he portrays himself as the Good Samaritan trying to save this person he found by trying to revive her as he comforts her. He repeatedly tells them she is alive when I arrived and he tried in vain to save her. PH also tells us that he tried to put her pants back on her, which I find very odd. P.S. Police did not recover any clothing at the murder site. That I find is odd, because how can he try to put the pants back on her when there was no evidence of pants in the police report?

Was Shellie was made unrecognizable to shield PH from extensive interrogation from LE at the murder site?

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3 Responses to Clarke’s Theories on PH and Murder Site

  1. Clarke Kent says:

    Clarke on Clarke The reader such understand that my theory is my opinion based on information collected by me over the 11 years of talking and learning from other in the community especial those who live in the area of Kings Grant.I took a real hard look at the autopsy Report esp the Head area. It reveals up 20/25 hits on the head area & death was due to blows to the head. As I stated prior the overkill was excessive and pointed to a suspect with motivation.

  2. TK says:

    Clarke, who originally called the police if it wasn’t PH?

  3. Clarke Kent says:

    T K do not know who or what party altered VBPD of a body on the King Grant Circle. The reports I read did not mention the name of the person or persons or alert VBPD.

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