Cold Case Pursuing Info J4S Published = DT Key Witness

Written by Clarke Kent

On the early morning of Shellie’s murder, cold case reveal for the first time a second witness. In a publication Aug 13, 2020 entitled “Police Share Newly-Released Details in Unsolved Murder of Shellie Carson” the VBPS state “A Second witness out walking his dog said he saw Shellie further down the road (Kings Grant Rd) at 4:06 AM still riding her bike.” The importance in this statement is that the cold case finally acknowledged what Justice knew very early on in out investigation starting in 2009. The second witness was DT who crisscrossed the Kings Grant area for 2 1/2 hours from 4AM to 6:30AM on August 14, 2005. It was DT who spoke to Bill and Charlotte Carson about some observations he had early morning of their daughter’s murder.

Justice pinpointed DT as the KEY witness and has had numerous conversations with him. What DT did not know is that he would be key in helping to solve who killed Shellie. I have written over 20 posts concerning different things I learned from DT’s observations on his criss-crossing the same area when Shellie was murdered. I was able to put together a time line starting from the time he left his home on Suffolk Lane till the time he returned home (4AM to 6:30 AM).

His key observation of Shellie on Suffolk lane at 4:06Am and her murdered body found at 6:08AM on the King’s Grant Circle. Was she lured there by PH who was home and his wife was on a trip. We know this: they had a sexual relationship.

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2 Responses to Cold Case Pursuing Info J4S Published = DT Key Witness

  1. GF says:

    How do we know they had a sexual relationship?

  2. Clark Kent says:

    GF Your Question of “How do we know they had a sexual relationship?” I will be addressing that in my next Post. Clark Kent

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