Question Asked “How Do We Know They Had a Sexual Relationship?” Response – A Blockbuster

Written by Clarke Kent

GT, in a comment on my post entitled “Cold Case Pursuing Info on JJ4S Published October 13, 20202- DT Key Witness Asks the Question: How did we know about a sexual relationship between Shellie and PH?

A commenter (GT) asks a questions concerning Shellie and PH. I have mentioned the relationship between them both and wrote many posts using sexual contacts between them.

I made a hard and difficult effort to set up a meeting between Shellie’s best friend and myself and I finally arranged a meeting with her and her husband on January 20, 2016. Rather than write what transpired from years later I am going to my notes and other information on the meeting and give you the exact wording used in my post entitled Justice – The Gigi Factor – Believable and a Blockbuster” published January 21, 2016.

I want readers to understand that to make contact and create a safe and cordial atmosphere it took time and effort, however I know that this interview would be beneficial since she was Shellie’s best friend and had information needed in our quest for justice for Shellie. Her name is GIG and now lives with her husband and 2 children in a small city two hours drive from Va Beach Here is the first of many posts concerning GIG, however I came away believing her and with a blockbuster story.

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16 Responses to Question Asked “How Do We Know They Had a Sexual Relationship?” Response – A Blockbuster

  1. Tk says:

    Why hasn’t PH been interviewed by law enforcement at this point?

  2. Clark Kent says:

    TK The police don’t share info on who they interview, however I have from other sources that he was interviewed.After I wrote the posts concerning me meeting with Gigi I turned over information to LE on Gigi Phone and address. I understand that she was visited by LE.

    • Redwood grant says:

      They released new information in august….I great up 1 mile away from the Carson’s…I was younger but I remember this all happening….whomever runs this blog…I’d like to speak with personally however I do not know how to go about contact

    • Tk says:

      Was this in 2016 or 2020? Hoping they reinterview everyone this year since new information was released

      • Redwood grant says:

        The new info was released in august 2020. I dont know what’s going on with the site but I’ve posted the same thing a few times (loading issues) so sorry if its repetitive.

  3. Clark Kent says:

    Redwood grant Miranda will contact you and pass it to me so we could speak personally.

  4. Redwood grant says:

    The knew info was released this august.
    Look forward to speaking.

  5. Redwood grant says:


  6. Clark Kent says:

    Read wood grant. Miranda gave me your gmail ,however it failedSend Miranda your Tel # and I will contact you. Clark Kent

  7. Scannerqqz says:

    inventions of typography

  8. Seriesxzo says:

    written on the parchment was scratched out

  9. ZM says:

    I’m just getting back into this story after years of being away, perhaps a new timeline so people can see the theories and timeline in a easily viewable manner. This is the type of story netflix would pick up. It’s 2021 lets get this solved, make the info more user friendly and I think the pieces could fall together easier, or more people could search for patterns or information.

  10. J. R says:

    Considering all the forensic science advancement we have had since 2005, I am baffled that this case remains unsolved. Does anyone know if there has been any more progress since the 2020 update?

  11. TK says:
    UNSOLVED: The case of Shellie Carson

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