Navy Captain’s Compilation of Date Sept/December 2005

Written by Clarke Kent

This post was posted 1/14/12 on Websleuths. It is a compilation of data collected by him immediately after Shellie’s murder on August 14, 2005. This compilation has inaccurate facts and much conjecture. However since it was reported contemporaneously following the murder, it has some merit.

Capt. TD’s compilation  had a gut feeling that with evidence collected at the scene and DNA,  good leads “should close this case in the near future”. How ironic. Now, after 6 years and 10 months, we still do not have an arrest.

This is the post on 1/14/12:

“I interviewed TD (the Navy Capt who surfaced a Russian Submarine) Thursday at his home a block away from the Carsons. TD is an alert, honorable, and retired person of statue. He was polite and conversant. Prior to our meeting, I made sure that Bill had given him a copy of the document that TD created in September/ October 2005 so he could review his content.

Justice debated posting this document before, but in the end we decided that readers on Websleith can draw their own conclusion. Because this document was created contemporaneously with events unfolding and in a close proximity to the murer, it was deemed worth of review.

The bottom line is that TD could not recall how he obtained all this information. He talked with the person who found the body (Patrick), Bill, and many others. THe police attended the community civic league. This document is a compilation of data collected. However it was his snapshot picture of what he believed when it was created and therefore has value. It indicated the name DK, several other facts of interest like who was at the 7-11 at 4 AM when Shellie left. We known Bobby, Matt (the clerk), but also CT and an unidentified friend. Also there was a call made from 7-11 by fiancee Bobby to Shellie. He also describes 3 scenarios. One must review this compilation from the content of time. 6 years later we have more evidence that disputes or confirms his statement. The whole statement may be just a conjecture, or there could be that one piece of the puzzle we need.

Of importance, he stated that the attack on Shellie was evil and he explained when the military describes something as evil, it is a cut above what most consider evil and that it was really an evil attack.

During our discussion, we talked about gangs that his grandson was part of a gang called “White Ts”. His grandson had been in prison and has shot someone, not a model citizen. However he was acquainted with CT had he earlier had driven CT and his grandson to work numerous times. His grandson has asked TD to drive him to pick up a t-shirt at a special store near the convention center. He did and what his grandson picked up was several white t-shirts. He told me that numerous times he tried to pry more information out of his grandson, but he would clam up.

Hearing him relate this story on white t-shirts and the White Ts gang, I had a flashback half a century to the White Knights and KKK. Could there somehow be a link to Shellie’s murder to this gang. We heard of the Bloods and Crips, but never the “White Ts”. I’m almost embarrassed to write this, but could her murder be linked to a White Ts gang getting revenge for her being with black men? I certainly do not want to get side tracked, but him telling me about the White Ts stands out and therefore I share with readers.

This is TD’s compilation dated Sept/Oct 2005:

“Shellie (Mary) Carson murdered

I went to Mass Sunday at 0900 and about half of the Kings Grant Circle was cordoned off. When I returned, the circle was still cordoned off and I thought there had been an accident. That evening, Bill Carson, my neighbor and friend, came to my door and told me his daughter Shellie had been murdered at the KG Circle.

Several days later, I talked to Bill and he told me the events leading up to Shellie’s murder and that was again repeated at a Kings Grant Civic League Meeting. In essence, it went like this: Shellie went to bed that night before the murder and was awakened about 0115 Sunday morning, the day she was murdered, by a phone call from the Kings Grant 7-11 store. The call was from her fiancee Bobby. She got up and rode her bicycle to the 7-11. She stayed there awhile and left on her bicycle to go home, accompanied by the night clerk (according to him) to the Duck Park, a little over a hundred yards away. This was his story which later proved to be wrong as the 7-11 security camera showed he never left the store.

On Monday, a call to Crime Stoppers was made by a man who lives 2 blocks away from the 7-11, saying he and another person were at his house at 0400 and that fact could be verified by neighbors. While talking with Bill Carson a couple of days later, the police stated to him that they wanted to talk to the person who made the Crime Stoppers call and did I know a CT. I said “yes” and Lt. Perry asked if Bill and I would get his address. We did that.

At this point there was Bobby, 7-11 clerk, CT, and whoever was with him at 0400 the morning of Shellie’s murder, and whoever murdered Shellie. Why was the call made to Crime Stoppers providing unsolicited evidence? Did the police check all pertinent cell phones to see if a call was made telling the murderer that Shellie was on her way home on her bicycle via the Circle? Scenario one seemed to involve the 7-11 and people there or in the immediate vicinity. Who was the man with CT and could someone in jail have convinced a friend to kill Shellie? Only the police have direct access to this information.

A week or so later, a man in his 40s went to the Carson’s church with a letter saying he knew BB was the murderer and that he was constantly watching BB and the people he was associating with. The letter indicated the man was nuts and follow up was left to the police. The man wrote two other letters that the police have and he has yet to be identified. A psychic has said that the murderer was an older man and the weapon was from the trunk of an automobile. A late police sketch as described by the Church secretary my have identify this nut. This could be scenario two.

A girl, well known, who moves in and out of Virginia Beach, has said that a guy named DK told her he killed Shellie. She should not be difficult for the police to find and the accused, a felon, should not be hard to find. That could well be scenario three.

The evidence collected at the scene of the murder, DNA, etc. plus all the other leads should close this case in the near future. Or could the evidence point in an entirely different scenario. Only the police known.”

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4 Responses to Navy Captain’s Compilation of Date Sept/December 2005

  1. Lois layne says:

    Was it ever proven that bb called Shellie from the 711 as reported above? I don’t remember hearing about this..

    • Lois layne says:

      In fact, I don’t remember ever hearing that bb was at 711 period. Besides the comment made from my about his car being parked across the street… that was later refuted by my as he told us he simply saw bbs car leaving the area after his reconciliation with shellie. Please refresh my memory as I don’t remember hearing that he was ever at 711 and I certainly don’t remember that he made a call to Shellie from the 711? I seem to be a bit confused. Set me strait, guys.

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    Lois Layne The Capt was a close friend with Bill. He did investigate and only gathered information that was second hand info. We have no records of BB being at the 7/11 at anytime surrounding Shellie’s visit there. Shellie was at the 7/11 with MF prior to him starting his shift at 11pm. Shellie was there and called BB and during their 8 minute conversation handed her cell to MF and they spoke. MF told BB to get his act together and that was all we know of that conversation. Shellie however left to bike ride home and again spoke to BB on his HOME phone for 50 minutes as she made her way home. She arrived home at 11:44pm and entered the house. She spoke briefly with her father and told him she was going to bed.

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