Justice’s Response to Pensfan (4 guys in a car)

Written by Clarke Kent

Pensfan asked us to:

“Consider the probability of this:

Some guys are riding around and drinking beer. They decide to ride through a boring neighborhood where there are likely nosy neighbors and perhaps neighborhood watch groups. One of these guys just got out of prison and would likely be more hesitant about committing another felony, but he attacked Shellie anyway. This guy has never been charged with a sexual assault or murder before Shellie’s attack or after her attack. He decides to brutally beat a beautiful, young woman in the face to death because he just felt like it ???. He didn’t rape her and need to kill her to shut her up. He just killed her. He did in front of 3 witnesses. He has never killed again in that area with the same modus operandi.”

Clarke Kent (Justice for Shellie) responded with this:
“Consider the probability of this:

The same guy had prior to his incarceration a sexual encounter, or numerous encounters, with this beautiful, young woman, but was interrupted by his incarceration. However when he is released, this same guy finds out that now this young woman has a steady boyfriend, but he is relentless and tries again to coax her back. She refuses all advances and his determination increases. He continues to now threatened and intimidate her. She keeps spurning him at every opportunity. One night, he is out for mischief with his beer buddies and sees her on her bike. One guy knocks her off her bike, but he has so much hatred by his rejection and he attacks her. He’s angry, half drunk and high on drugs, and his hatred because of rejection explodes and this young woman is brutally murdered. He wasn’t hesitant about committing another felony or the consequences. Something explodes in him and he just reacted.”

So we’re looking at someone who fits this behavioral mode, while having the persona of invincibility “craziness” and “unpredictability“ has coalesce the others into intimidated pawns, who block the memory of his nightmarish event. No more will our community allow this individual to inhabit their decent and humane society. Justice will speak out along with our civil society for justice for Shellie. The buzz is getting louder and this murder can no longer hold his power over the others. His power has dissipated. It’s fragile and weak and he alone may be responsible for the brutal murder. It seems people are coming out of the woodwork and want to speak to Justice for Shellie and HRCD (both integral parts of Justice for Shellie). We meet and record our notes. Everything points to the scenario of the 4 guys in the car- although it could be more or less.

As our murderer cruises Virginia Beach and the party scene at The King Lake Apartment complex near Wilfred Pl and Prince William Ct opportunities for guys to join the ride or remain at the bar or party exist.

We will not give his initials as those who have been following Justice’s posts know who we are talking about. He is linked to Shellie prior to his incarcerations.

I tell you this: the attack happened so quickly that the murderer and probably one other finished the brutal murder themselves, while the others were probably so dumbfounded that they couldn’t react. They now are intertwined and mired in a senseless brutal murder. Now they must react.


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2 Responses to Justice’s Response to Pensfan (4 guys in a car)

  1. McSpy says:

    I recall discussing the “4 guys in a car” scenario on websleuths. Did CT or MaH date Shellie at one time? I’m not clear on that.

    • First of all, MaH is a different person than MH. MaH is the person that helped BH hide a vehicle on his Birdneck Point property. MH has been referenced to often in our posts and is the son of BH.

      With regard to CT, we have information from a source that states that prior to his incarceration CT was with Shellie and that after being released he tried to reestablish this prior relationship. CT tried to get into Shellie’s room via a side window and at one point Shellie slammed the window shut to prevent his reemergence in her life.

      With regard to MH , it is possible that he had some sexual relationship with Shellie. We have one report (which will be talked about shortly) that on the night of her murder MH actually picked Shellie up and after some struggle left her back at her bike. She definitely knew him. They both lived on the same street, however, four blocks away.

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