Web Snooping at Work

Written by Clarke Kent

The following CT conversation was retrieved by our own snoopigator.

This was a conversation on 9/9/11 between MS and CT.

This is page 3 of 4. It came from FB’s Facebook page. I understand that he died in custody in Norfolk jail. This is part of a conversation between CT and MS and it appears to be in coded language. Of particular interest was the coded conversation on September 9, 2011 at 9:42… MS states “hope not…shelly…beapers…bike…bannas…cmeras.”  Could they have recorded a murder?

I ask readers to look carefully at these coded messages and give us your interpretation on the coded message.

MS (9 September 2011 at 9:38) girl got u twisted

CT (9 September 2011 at 9:38) don gettit twisted

MS (9 September 2011 at 9:39) pinch poke pinch

CT (9 September 2011 at 9:39) might as well

MS (9 September 2011 at 9:39) two of a kind . . never find i noth

CT (9 September 2011 at 9:40) u the one ionitially wadged this war

MS (9 September 2011 at 9:41) if i made ur pain . . im ask 4 giveness on that… but i don’t know how i did u wrong… ur on the other side.. worms michael .

CT (9 September 2011 at 9:41) bad santa

CT (9 September 2011 at 9:41) no pain f

MS (9 September 2011 at 9:42) hope not….shelly.. beapers..bike..bannas…cmeras

MS (9 September 2011 at 9:43) r u on ur lunch break?

If anyone has any questions that you don’t see on a topic that we have listed here, please be sure to ask/discuss anything you would like on the General Discussion Post here! 

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147 Responses to Web Snooping at Work

  1. lookingforyou33 says:

    I find ths post fascinating. I checked around and found out that a person who died in jail could be Fr B. How your websnooping guy got into his facebook page and onto this coded message from 9/9/11 is beyond me. CT and MS are well known to the police discussing Shellie and bike in coded language has to be viewed by other more up to fate on this criminal code talk. People in Virginia Beach look at this conversation and try to help decipher the message! Maybe when you read the other 10 coded message, it would make sense.

    My take is that they may be talking about Shellie on a bike and photography was maybe in play. The camer may have taken the picture.

    I am convinced it’s a message on Shellie’s murder. CT states I feel no pain and MS says hope not….shelly.. beapers..bike..bannas…cmeras.

    It’s a message and someone in Virginia Beach can decode it and make sense of what these suspects are saying. Ask your friend for his/her opinion and let Justice for Shellie know.

    • (MS) says:

      good lord there is no coding language that’s insanity the even think?yes we might have been talking about FB and he was a good friend.appreciate if you would bring it with you little bloglet him rest in peace…

    • (MS) says:

      FB I don’t even think I don’t even think Shelly so I didn’t know she had put anybody in so I didn’t know she had put anybody in jail he died in the Norfolk citycity jail of pneumonia thats that nothing more nothing less if you knew that I didn’t know he did

  2. McSpy says:

    It almost seems like CT was involved, but MS did the actual killing. He was the one who took it too far. I’m under the impression CT liked Shellie, but Shellie wasn’t into him, so CT felt some anger and rejection about it. CT probably didn’t have nice things to say about Shellie to his friends, so when they ran into her, MS and the rest treated her as someone to hate and despise. They were all under the influence, which probably made their treatment of Shellie get out of control.

    Hope this makes sense!

    • (MS) says:

      and where would you even get that implication from???where and what I don’t get it it does need an ad up and no kinda wayso you tell me genius??

    • (MS) says:

      mixed by where do you get this conclusion from men I mean you don’t know me from Adam some s*** so why would you even accuse and dare even accuse me of that you know me or Who I am or anything about me see your the one that is causing problems with your crap talk,more shitd you stir the worst stinkswords of wisdom from my grandma.

  3. McSpy says:

    Interesting that they were mentioning Shellie in 2011–6 years after her murder. Hmmmmm

  4. McSpy– We have information that she, pre-Bobbie (her boyfriend in August 2005), did have an ex relationship with CT. CT was imprisoned for 1 year and was released about a month prior to Shellie’s murder. When he resurfaced and tried to acquaint himself with Shellie he was rejected. He tried to come through her first floor window in an attempt to persuade her. She slammed the window on his hand and he left. She was so terrified by CT that she had Mr T, a rugged male acquaintance, stay with her many evenings for protection. Unfortunately Mr T was arrested one week before her murder and the protection evaporated. So yes, there were strong feelings by CT of rejection and other negative feelings towards Shellie. These negations could have easily transferred to his friends.

    • McSpy says:

      I found this statement made by MS very interesting:

      MS (9 September 2011 at 9:42) hope not….shelly.. beapers..bike..bannas…cmeras

      i think “bannas” is banners. cmeras means cameras. I’m not sure about “beapers,” unless he was referring to the delivery guy beeping his horn or the old phone beepers. I do think the banners and other public mention of Shellie’s murder is keeping the heat on.

      • a mother says:

        i agree. i dont think bannas is a term for other people. im a very popular person in vb and have been for 31 yrs and that is a word ive never heard used. not even when i lived in culturally diverse new orleans where half the people i knew spoke some dialect form of spanish and the other half was creole or plain. anyways, i dont want to seem like some horrible person but im not the shiniest apple off the tree. atleast i didnt used to be. so im pretty well into the know about the scene of things less ventured by normal people. ive quietly been reading and making my own thoughts here and there. i do have notes. no i wasnt here nor do i have any clue to any real facts just pure gut and speculation. but sometimes those are what gets better results. esp when you have someone who know real life and real streets and people better than those who know calm good life of bills and less drama. basically what im saying is people who pay attn whem forced to live in such a rough “ghetto” gang filled lifestyle gettin shot at and stabbed in yhe face and meetimg every kind of person that cld exist can pretty much tell u things a church goin hard workin bill payin park playin book reader can. no offense to anyone. just sayin. to gwt into the heads and life and facts sometimes u actually have to have lived it. but anyways. i think bannas cld mean banners as in the billboard and flyers and all the ads, or bananas as in crazy. if its the latter i will get to that. in another line, worms, i read somewhere in another posting that CT??? is in construction? if this MS is as well or dsnt evem have to be just picked up talk frm CT or another worker in that field. worms in constriction means nosey mouthy ppl. snitches. i really think thats what was meant. it has another meaning in street terms, but reading into it i think its abt snitches. basically talking abt us, everyone that sees this blog and website. the person who found that convo! they were right! worms! and if u notice, the convo quickly degressed and changed to less comprehendible speech and ended right after “worms” was used. if it was not saying snitches it is to mean “someone who will worm their way in to steal ur girl/guy” a girl stealer. CT was locked up, shellie finds someone new, BB, they are worms for finding new ppl while hes away! and maybe thats to justify the “pinch poke pinch”? u remember the game of jinx? how many times were u pinched or punched and how manh times did u not hit back? exactly! she pinched him he hit back and yeah it hurts. get over it. theyre worms. but i think worms was for snitches. but then again we have the bad santa. then worms following. so bad sants is talkin abt ppl bein trashy in their sexual ways. basically for a girl, bein a slut or a whore. for a guy bein an awsome cool man who deserves a beer and a party! for some reason, and im sorry. but i dont think when they say shelly, they are saying shellies name. in my gut i really think its meaning something else. and i knw theres a meaning its on the tip of my mind but i cant make it fall to my mouth! driving me crazy! if i could it wld all make sense. yes i do beliece they may be talking abt her and that night. possibly not. for all we know its a major coincidence but i think in my gut im relaxed knowing that the “shelly” is not shellie carson. is it a person? no. i want to keep thinking shell shocked. but that doesnt satisfy me. i will keep on. since i came back to vb, i moved to kings grant and saw that sign and all the posters and asked questions. since then ive tried to learn all i can. ive now discovered this site and i am hoping i can in some way help to answer something. i know i cant do much since i wasnt there. but i do know how to read ppl even those i dont know, and im great at fact finding, reading between the lines, knowing life, and figurimf things out.

        • a mother says:

          im sorry. let me clarify. i do not and am not trying to discredit anyone when i said i know more abt life and ppl than normal calm people who havent had such a rough life. any help from anyone who has been anywhere or nowhere is better than none at all! i just wanted to validate where i stand and and that im not just some no body putting my two cents in. no i wasnt living in vb when this poor child was taken from life. no i havent a clue about anything except what i read and hear. i can tell u the thoughts ive always had. but ive started reading all this and i still have that thought, to a degree. but i will hold out for now. anyways. my point is i didnt want to be discredited on yhe fact that im a total outsider. for all anyone and i know i cld be a total insider and never know it! these initial and anon names will never tell me different. i understand why you use them. yes it could help me alot to have actual names. but i know why i cant. feel free to contact me if u want to talk.

          • a mother says:

            in sorry again. i realized i left part of my story out. when i said i wld get into something later abt banna and bananas, also words like beaper, and bein on the other side. this is part of why i said it could be totally coincidence. this is all part of a krs-one song do or die. so if this is code, they cld be using this song. i know we used to use songs to talk about alot of things all the time. even if we mixed the song up. end at the begin, this line here this line there. or this line frm this song this line from that song. writing letters to and from prison was like that too. have a normal convo but say hey u remember that song we used to play blah blah blah and it wld mean something if for example youre talking about stabbing someone. you say “i bought these shoes the other day, gorgeous 6inch spikes/stilletos/whatever. im thinkin about wearin them next weekend (which really dsnt mean next weekend it means this weekend) or if i go out with so and so (name changed but similar to). i hope they play our song blah blah. u rememeber when we wld ride to it? (reminding of a time whem a similar situation happened)” or this whole speech could probably be not even a plan to do something but more of a reminder of the time when it did happen but it sounds more like a future plan. it is so easy to hide what ur saying in music, and easy to hide what ur saying with someone when u can read between the lines. u just have to be able to see the switches and the chances when they dont really connect or when they connect to something not real at that moment but in future or past. so they cld be using that song to talk. and if so….. its do or die. yall have beem talkin alot to CT. if MS did kill shellie then CT is in danger. if he goes to jail it cld happen there. sort of like FB…. theres another post i want to comment on. i have to find it. but you shldnt ignore it. ask more questions. and if the do or die isnt for CT and MS than it was for shellie. girls are more expected to do whats what than guys are. someone needs to be handled? gotta do it. with a guy u dont do it they might shrug it off. ok ur a wimp ull get over it. with a girl. they get beat, raped, even killed if they dont G up when they need to. they need drugs, need to get someone else drugs, give sex, money, whatever. theres no option of no or later. its do or die. and idk these letter ppl if theyre of the more ghetto persuasion or of the more stoner crack head type. im leaning towards the first, by speech and action. but i do know that my sister is about to be a cop. i will get her help on this!

            • Pup says:

              Interesting comment. I do not believe in coincidences. You may be on to an understanding. I agree with your thoughts on using song lyrics to communicate, very common with smart males into music. Insightful.

            • April O'Neil says:

              that’s so f***ed up, how are you going to say that about their deceased friend ‘a mother’…that went a little too far.

              • a mother says:

                no whats f***** up is how whacked in the head some people are being about all of this. thinking that a murderer is so betty crocker and wouldnt have an impure thought in his or her head! and to think that its unrealistic to actually start being REAL about wanting to find a killer! yes some people here truly want to find the killer and others are just here to be here for no other good reason than to play games or stop it from happening. i didnt go too far! i didnt kill shellie! the person who killed shellie? THEY WENT TOO FAR!!!!

        • April O'Neil says:

          ‘worms michael’ is a Lost Boys quote.

          • Pup says:

            Great comment and reference.

            • a mother says:

              indeed it is. i was wondering why MS is calling CT michael, it wld make more sense the other way around considering the initials 😉 if this is in fact what MS referring to theres 2 of a hanful of things i can readily speculate. this scene with the worms is michaels “initiation”, was shellie’s killing part of an initiation of some kind? hers or someone elses? if not initiation, an acceptance like ive said before about when youre said to jump youre expected to jump? or is this a refer to the deception “michael thought it was worms but it was noodles” is MS saying CT thinks its worse than it really is or is taking it worse than needed? or is he saying CT or MS is being deceived or deceptive? last night i didnt have anymore time to sit and put this together, but today in between taking care of my kids and my house i will work on the language and the coding. and if nothinf else i will write my bff in prison and ask him his input on this. hopefully they dont take the letter because of the code talk. he cant have phone calls because of his custody status and affiliation status. theyre afraid he may do something stupid. he wont. he doesnt care to extend his sentence anymore. he gets out in 30 years and he wants to be able to do that! he woudl like to be able to see his daughter again on the outside before he dies. anyways. we will get this figured out. i know its minor compared to the fact that convos have been had with CT but if this can be broken maybe it can lead to something bigger CT hasnt said and actually point to an answer.

          • Miranda says:

            I am SO confused. This post was from the very beginning of the blog and at that time, I was not the person that was putting up the posts, only moderating the comments. Should I take this reference to mean that there is no need to edit the name out of this post and that it is not the name of someone whose name should be hidden, but instead a reference to this movie?? If someone could let me know, ASAP, I will leave it up, but if it is referring to the name of someone who may or may not have been involved and is not in a movie, I will get it down as soon as someone tells me what is going on. It is difficult for me to know on posts that I did not type or put up and that are so old at this point. Oy!

            • a mother says:

              no i do not think u need to take out the name michael. for one, being that MH said it to CT i do not think any of us believe its a direct name to CT. at first i was confused abt the michael part, but when the ref was made to lost boys i was very clear about that line. its safe to leave it there. its very safe to bet that is exactly what that “worms michael” is. frm the lost boys. what and why? pulling from a post with a mom MA with daughter V from chesapeake, other attacks and possible link. did these “4guys in a car” do this other places? if so then the the ‘initiation’ route is a line to follow, in the sense of maybe not initiation but a game of sort or cld be entrance into the clique or what? or is this lost boys line refering to deception?

              im going to go with deception. im not yet ready to give my full idea on this convo. but im pretty sure this is not about them bringing it back up after all these years. i believe its another situation and by sheer chance CT found himself in a serious situation that ended up bringing shellie into it in the end. but as ive said in a reply on the front page, i have 3 scenarios, i need more to work with. i have some more info from other places outside of the site i will share when its all together.

              • (MS) says:

                I don’t care if you use my whole name address and phone number cause I have nothing to hide.I’ll be gladly for the closest person and not just some random people the people that know her know more about the case I would talk to not some person named Nick spy I don’t know you and if I do know you you know me are going to talk to you unless I know who you are I mean its weird when you come on your plan this like Dick Tracy is crime solvers a game like a board game its not professional it doesn’t seem to be helping the way they do it y’all carry it if you’re serious about it you wouldn’t put it childish name up there like that for an intimidation or whatever its just awkward to me if you’re going to be real about it and just come out as yourself don’t hide your identity it seems like you have something hot to me my opinion and that’s about it up on that one

              • (MS) says:

                quotation a mother I’m not even going to read long paragraphs and you’re hypothetical crap you think of I don’t know what’s wrong with you you said the weirdest s*** I’ve ever heard making that I’m taken lyrics from songs rap group then I’m never even heard of and my secret language The Sun secret language is just me and CT back and forth can say a word and know what he said he’s thinking does he know each other so long I saw that it is you need to think before you speak you’re in no way a detective and I think your little dyslexic and not bright you the brightest kid when the pack I’m not trying to be funny but anybody reserve gigantic blog can see that their souls you’re weird

                • a mother says:

                  i think you are trying to be funny. or more or less trying to secure your own self. the only people who “put others down” in the way that you have to me (which doesnt bother me one bit because i know youre far from true) are those who are insecure about themselves in that way shape or form. you call me dyslexic and not the brightest….. but yet….. i can still put proper sentences together and correctly spell words and punctuate. while yet you have the speech of a 2 year old with the understanding of a few adult words. do you see what im saying? dont call the kettle black. dont throw stones. speck in the eye. etc etc etc. i am by far dyslexic. obvious by my sentence and word structure, do you even know what true dyslexia is? i am by far “dumb” or “stupid” in fact i have an amazing education and a couple degrees from 2 really great colleges. you one the other show lack of either education or mental stability. so no i do not need to “think before i speak” or “see that im weird” but thank you for your sound medical advice Dr. MS.

                  and if you are in fact so innocent and truly have zero part in this what so ever than why exactly do you think this has anything to do with you? are you so vain that you believe that youre the ONLY MS that exists on the planet? or just in hr? as its been said many many times before and recent, there are 3 MS’s involved in this blog, theyre involvement differs. you may or may not be the MS said to be involved in the murder. maybe youre just the MS said to have been someone heard a story from. maybe youre a NOBODY in all this!!!! so why is it exactly you think this all about you? yet im the one with issues?

                  do you hear voices? do you always think everything is all about you? do you feel the whole world is out to get you? if you keep out of trouble and keep no friends that are in trouble and had nothing to do with shellie or her murder than why exactly are you making such a big fuss!!!! its beyond me why someone so “not involved” is so worked up over two initials that can belong to ANYONE!!!! im far from the person who needs to get real around here.

              • (MS) says:

                like I said use my name on getting my address and other like that I don’t want nobody to my house tap my phones dude you gotta doso I don’t think there’s nothing to worry about leave it up there.

            • (MS) says:

              exactly it’s like you’re playing the game, if you’re going to have to put a false name of there hide your identity at least make it sound childish my name is no I’m sure the people that no more than others know what that mean and initials stand for so y’all if you or who knows like I said why hide be honest all that just seems fishy to me in my opinion now I’m just talking too much so I sit on that one

            • (MS) says:

              and as far as the movie quotes worms Michael come with us Michael me and all of our friends were movie we chill around hang out watch movies and we just for peace and love our favorite saying earlier than the book and that’s all that is nothing more so don’t be too confused

              • Miranda says:

                Thank you for your clarification, and don’t get too worked up when you see the initials MS on here and it is something that you think has nothing to do with you. There are three (3!!!) different people on this blog with the initials MS…so honestly, I am confused a lot of the time. Also, I know that you have said to just go ahead and use your name, but for the very reasons that you mentioned in your longer comment, I am going to continue to edit people’s names out, just like I did with your mom, (who, to my knowledge, has never been mentioned on here before she posted) when she used her own name and yours. I will never feel comfortable using anyone’s name on here until and arrest is made and once that happens, that person is fair game. Until then, EVERYONE is innocent. If you see your name anywhere, please let me know (mirandartv@gmail.com) and I will remove it as soon as possible. At one point, I was only moderating comments and putting up or proofreading the actual posts and there was also a time that I was in the hospital and someone else was doing it, so there may be things that were missed here and there and if so, a quick email to me will take care of it, I can assure you. The name thing is my rule and although I have made a mistake (once), I try to ensure that it never happens and will continue to do so to the best of my ability. If it takes me a little bit it is because I have a family that I have to take care of, as well as work and school, so it might not be instant, but it is taken care of as soon as possible. I’m doing my best with what I have to work with.

              • a mother says:

                and as far as i go. i never presumed to “know” or think anyone in particular killed shellie. im just starting to read about all of this and i havent yet figured any of it out but i will say that i dont know which MS you are but theres only one of them that i think might know something about what happened, if he killed her i dont know cuz i wasnt there. and i havent yet made up my mind who i like for this yet. but i really dont think you are the MS that i think has anything to do with my thoughts. why? because that other is more well put together. you have a lot of anger and aggression and mouth on you but thats also a big reason why i dont think youre the right MS. but in no way do i think or have i ever accused any MS of murder. so whatever your beef is with me id suggest you quit the drama and man up cuz this queen bit doesnt work for you.

      • (MS) says:

        I’m remember what that meansbeepers Weezer think the cool thing is the best explanation I can give to youcameras who knows justsenseless talk who knows and banners bananas I even if its a misspelled word who knows ya look too deep into something craziness

      • (MS) says:

        it seems to me that somebody on this blog is trying to cover their own tracks,why don’t you look into each others backgrounds and facebook.

      • (MS) says:

        ain’t no heat my conscious is clean,plus I was the least likely of the suspects and was ruled outget a grip

  5. McSpy says:

    Did FB know CT and MS, since they were on FB’s facebook page? I’m assuming FB is the Jamaican.

    • (MS) says:

      are you asking yourself in the third person because yes we do FB duh only the quinoa Shelly.

      • Juliet says:

        Does anyone know what this means… quinoa shelly… maybe I’m not down with the lingo, but I don’t get it??

        • CT says:

          Juliet, MS himself wouldn’t get it either. Used to be the most frustrating friend to text to back in that day. He used voice text, always ended up with wild zoo kangaroo words in his texts. He never looked for errors and just sent them. A feild day for little snoopers though. Hilarious to us.

          • Juliet says:

            Haha after I posted that question I figured out that he probably meant something completely different, since half of his comments didn’t make sense unless you changed them to fit the convo. Your analogy about it being wild zoo kangaroo words makes me laugh

  6. McSpy says:

    This is probably unrelated, but I ran into this missing person, which made me think of FB:


    It makes me wonder if they knew each other. This guy may be running from the law. It is hard to tell how and why he disappeared.

    • (MS) says:

      if you did your research well enough you woulda knew that he was in jail forcriminal activitiesso don’t hurt yourself thinking so hard

      • (MS) says:

        you disappeared cuz he was on the run duh d & R had no home no stable is a shin it was out running amok stealing stuff private and it is all he could have no I wasn’t the only reason why I knew him myself because I felt bad for the guy you seem like a good hearted guy but you never know, like I said him and her were in a relationship the night the first night they met no and she was I hate to fit in this way but no angel when she was around me as shes for trade on this blog and was on TV cuz I can remember when she was around her stealingfrom our family I guess d & R me to do it or she did it on her own a ton of sense who knows but she was a nice girl but by no means she was no angel she is now then we’re all teenagers being stupid and she came to me because she knew why don’t know what’s going on with the family and I know she told me the truth she was afraid of her father blah blah blah that’s why she always right away or whatever I feel bad for her and when she was there at my house yes yes yes she’s been to my old house that I used to live in I was always with my girlfriend and trust me and my girlfriend did not like it but I feel bad for her she would write her little brothers bike all the way from where she went off to my house and I’ll is a far ride so no I wasn’t going to make her turn around and go home does that answer your question is that suitable enough for you.

  7. Freddie B was a different person than FB (Francis Braithwaite). The “cmeras” is probably cameras and beapers also could be the guy beeping behind the pickup truck on the circle. MacGyver also had that take. What it means is in question. Obviously someone knows. We do not know if CT and MS knew FB (Braithwaite) but we do not have an indication that they knew each other. Missing person Kevin Floyd Barker is not on the radar in Shellie’s investigation.

  8. anonymous says:

    Some of those words could also be slang.

    shelly: A nickname usually given to amazing girls with great personalities, these girls are known to be stunningly gorgeous, beautiful inside and out, fun, out-going, spontaneous, and sexy. Shelly’s are also known to be the best girlfriends and the best in bed. Shelly can be used as an adjective to describe something incredibly awesome, entertaining, and astounding.

    bannas: going crazy, going bananas (but without the a)

    bike: Someone that’s shagged almost everyone in the neighbourhood.
    For example: Kerry is the village bike. Everyone’s had a ride on her!

    • (MS) says:

      straight insane to even think I mean I can’t even understand where you get your mindset fromthere is no secret language there is no secret dialect look it up in the urban dictionary have a mother with her boyfriend in prison for who knows what right back I ain look back on what you all set in it sounds insane

      • a mother says:

        you wanna write my “boyfriend in prison”? ill give you his info. gladly. i wont give you his address. but ill give you his doc number so you can look him up and see all about him yourself 😉 his name coincidentally is MH also. not to be confused with the MH here tho.

  9. Anonymous says:

    These are from Urban dictionary, right? The “Shelly” definition was obviously posted by someone named Shelly as a joke (self-promotion). No one uses “Shelly” as slang adjective.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nice try. Here’s the link from Urban Dictionary…bro.

    But, here’s the real question… Why would you lie about this?

  11. CypressMom says:

    Could bannas mean bandanas?

  12. (MS) says:

    I understandyour intentions but if I see anything posted blog about me on this site I will shut the URL down…slander …
    you have your fax so backwards.if you think your Superman detective and smarter than the police and detectives, you didn’t even know the prime suspect name till today, after I had told Mr Carson.he need my complaint with no discretion.

  13. (MS) says:

    That’s it….if I see my name on this blog site eventhe initials referring to my name I will shut the shut URL site down….slander Superman detective you think you got somtingthat the police detectives?you need another name one of the prime suspects to this day I told Mr Carson..02/17/2014…

  14. The gate keeper says:

    now we got more comin from the woodworks
    if u got nothing 2 hide Y threaten 2 shut down b useful like them others and share what u kno like the ct an the bb done

  15. The gate keeper says:

    well y u come here? this place been here 4 awhile what do u know about shellie an what could have happened 2 her?
    u know her

    • (MS) says:

      really I mean for real really get real dudelike I said mind your business I’ll discuss it with her mr Carson. ..

    • (MS) says:

      I mean look at yourself look at your name tag the gatekeeper I mean that’s weird in itself have been in jail for the pair you all sound like y’all got some issues, if you took it in all seriousness be a little more professional about it I don’t know if you think that’s like intimidating or what it is but it just makes you look foolish my opinion the dog and the pinion sounds childish like you’re playing a video game any game.

  16. a mother says:

    ok i think its all just better if we for one respect that this poster (MS) has asked we do not use their name or initials in our posts of opinions or findings. we all expect the same thing for our names and should we make a private disclosure to Justice or Bill we would expect the same respect of total secrecy for our names and even initials. now i do understand that we all want answers! and believe me! WE DO! we should also know that this poster cannot shut the site down due to anon initials that could pertain to anyone with the same initials or anyone else. my initials could be MS and i could post on here using the pseudo of TE. it is only true slander if it can be proven without a shadow of doubt that all who sees the posts can referrence it back to an exact person AND that posting causes personal loss such as monetary value (i.e. a job or or loss of wages, leading to false arrest). being none of what is said can actually be traced back to a specific person unless u are within the knowledge of that group of friends or “superman detectives” (btw if any of us were superman dets this case wld be over and done and we wld be so good we cld get a jury to vote for tge death penalty) and it causes serious monetary damage or loss and/or serious bodily harm as a result and the bodily harm results in monerary loss…. then…. its only a civil suit in court and can only go for the amount of time lost at work and possible medical bills. BUT under the 1st amendment in the bill of rights (the first 10 acts of the united states constitution) the owner of this site is not obligated to take anything down or delete this page giving us the freedom of speech seeing as how we have yet to violate any actual laws. maybe a ton of childish words amongst ourselves but hardly a crime.

    second, this (MS) has said they have spoken with Bill? so we will wait and see if an anon post is made or if there is an arrest made without a post. i will live with the idea of no post and skip right to arresting the trash that thinks they have any right to take any life, esp as brutal and heinous as theu did to shellie. however i know some may be so nosey as to inquire about the rest of the story. i am a nosey person but really if this can be brought t justice without drawing out the rest of the horrible details that poor child had to endure than im sure we will all be fine. nothing will bring her back. lets just hope that this poster has indeed spoken the story and this will come to its end now. shellie deserves this! she didnt deserve what was done to her and the least that can happen is she gets the respect of finally resting i peace knowing her murderer is where he/she belongs.

  17. RN says:

    Actually we can use initials. And I hope he has spoken to Mr Carson.

      • Allicat says:

        Um no disrespect, but are you saying that you do have knowledge of who killed Shellie? I admit I get alittle ditsy when it comes to the he/she said stuff. Can I ask if this is new knowledge that you have just recently received or if you have known who did it from the beginning when hearing of her murder? If its knowledge that you have had, can I ask what took you so long to give the information to Mr. Carson…as I see that date says February 17,2014.

        • (MS) says:

          yes you areeee a ditsy, I know as much as everybody else, except for the detectives and the family duh

          • Allicat says:

            dont be rude to me, im not on here to bash you or your friend, i personally think the boyfriend has something to do with it so you know where you can get off…Im just asking if you knew from the get go who did it then why would you wait until now to talk with mr. carson..I guess i dont live the gangster lifestyle, if I knew something like that I wouldnt wait that long to tell, what if this was a relative of yours???

            • (MS) says:

              the reason why I waited so long to talk to Mr Carson was because to be completely honest I forgot all about it have moved on with my life you know, you know I seen a billboard is all around town in I would often think any will remind me over and I would want it to myself if y’all knew about d nr. I knew of the blog from I looked at it scroll through it didn’t think nothing of it but then when I got email from CT tell me did I need to read this cause now I’m supposedly a prime the prime suspect so I read it, and it really shocked me D C all the posts the written about me. I mean that’s scary for people thinking that to me that scares me that people think that I cable of her another person that way I stay away from trouble I avoid problems that’s why I work come home come home to my girl come home to my child work do it all again I don’t hang out with none of them kids once in a blue moon I would hang out with CT and that’s just cuz I felt sorry for me. No he has no friends, and that’s the only reason why we stayed in touch I’m younger guys Elementary Schoolgood for the fact that matter I don’t trust him either, Mt MS to LJ m I never even knew none of them guys never seen them I am I knew and tn or aka JN I knew and hung out with sometimes along with D once you started doing his criminal activities you was cut off of my life and want nothing to do with it I was raised in a household where are you stupid enough to fall victim and put myself in a place where I go to jail for years just to have fun to be stupid all I wanted to do it in my life was the words of my life grandmother from her I’ll never forget to see me girl to be a man and my mom wants me same so that’s what I do nothing else I don’t do drugs I’ll take a urine screen I’ve already taken a polygraph test I took a DNA sample from what I hear they have some buddies DNA obviously is somebody that has been in the system, and that’s pretty much all I know I never read the blog and the fact of the matter is that reason why I wanted to talk to Mr Carson he seemed like he was scared too for some reason I don’t know why I’m not a violent person I’ve never had a violent crime I’m know great kid when I was younger by far you know and our generation kids wasn’t the best so like I said I lived in a whole different city Norfolk in house with new girlfriend that I was infatuated with a beautiful girl but I just met that’s all my life was about her working and having fun with her me and her just hung out I go to work wake up watch the news go to work come home to her drink a little bit then and hang out with her and do it all over and she’d be at home waiting for me to come back. So in other words what would be the point of me even being in that vicinity kids games being around them kids knowing that there in that area you know it just doesn’t even add up and away yo people assume and dig in chopping cut Facebook posts I mean yeah something’s up there as a joke you might it took in a real wrong way and I could see how that is and that is what it is not needing an alibi but if I had to have one I would because it is a matter of fact at the same time that I was told of her murder bit after I see somebody got killed in Kings grant not knowing who or what if it was male nor female they didn’t tell me that on the news so I didn’t know but that morning I got a call from DD and are saying its Shelley thinking he’s joking but later on that night come to find out it was her that’s how I found out so from then I hadn’t been hanging out with an hour I have been working on a job site and for a matter of fact on that job site I got injured very badly from the store and you today so there’s nothing to implicate me and her dad I mean I feel bad for her family I have a daughter of my own I mean that its heart wrenching I can understand you put leave now my daughter is going to be 5 in a couple days and its understandable that I wouldn’t let it go for nothing I would do everything in my power I couldn’t imagine losing my daughter she is my life my wife is my life anything I do and all I do is for them to I’m not gonna make myself sound sympathetic or however you want to word it the best basically it and this is the longest post it post it but yeah anyways that’s a fact, I know the time and the day I met her and I can’t quite recall the time and day when we stopped associatingand last time I had seen her I didn’t even recognize that she was barking at her job and when I know where she had short shoulder length hair and resign recognize it cause she had really long hair that’s how long it has been since I seen her she recognized me we just said hello cuz I was on a lunch break she was working the counter at her work after that I never saw her again and I don’t know the time friends tonight because I don’t remember because I never thought much of it and best believe if I knew anybody or anybody involved in it and there is a reward I wouldn’t hesitate to turned to s*** f***** in part of my language. So that’s what it is stop looking so deep into what I say this will all be settled on my behalf starting today hopefully if all goes to like you supposed to. And just keep the MS as a suspect out of it I mean you got me in it but don’t make me out to be some psycho killer some very far from that so you don’t know me from nothing I’m just a simple guy I don’t like to hurt people I don’t like to fight I just work that’s pretty much it I mean how much more can tell you I suggest of what I know anybody knows more than anybody it would be the detective on the case and her ex boyfriend cuz he knew before me somehow I don’t know if they put it on the news after I had left and went to work or he heard it from somebody else or whatever it is or what but that’s what it is that’s how I knew so stop looking into my Facebook post and dissecting them I mean that’s just crazy and I can understand it but it is weird and some comfortable for me I don’t know how many people that I know are reading this blog I don’t want people thinking I’m some monster I definitely don’t want to follow my daughter around her life when she’s older that’s it. Over and out

              • Allicat says:

                For what its worth, I do believe you, I dont think you have anything to do with her murder..and I think that its great that you have chosen a family life over the street life, Im glad that you are a part of your daughters life, and I dont care what anyone says when a man has repect for his grandmother and his mother, he has respect for women period! I can understand not wanting any of this to follow your daughter, I would feel the same..I hope great things for you and your family, and I hope your daughter has a great birthday!:)

              • RN says:

                Wow.. so glad you posted all that and as allicat says I dont believe you had anything to do with this either and I think that it is wonderful that you have come on here and are helping! That speaks volumes and all your help is welcomed and appreciated.. CT has my number and you can get it from him as you did say that you would like to meet up or talk with me! He can give you my number or i can send it to you via facebook.. just check other messages folder.. you will know its from me…

  18. Relentless Tracker says:

    Well you use your own initials and I think the detectives need to talk to you. You come on here and try to dictate to someone well ya know questions need to be answered. If you have all the answers then give them if not like the rest of us go get proof you must know more than you are saying due to coming on here now. I think what you don’t like is how we found the information we have. It like hiding certain facts of the case no one is that good not to get caught even those that think they can hide. No such thing as hiding because people are opening up more each day and some are friends. I hate to say this but people have been sloppy very sloppy some people can’t be watched by you all the time, they like to lead but even leaders mess up. It’s like eating dessert at first you like what you are eating but as time goes on and people want more out of life and people realize that they can better themselves, but they have this issue that is not allowing them to be confident then nothing gets done what does happen of course is people get tired of being told what and how to do things. They get tired of being a pawn and listening to an idiot. You see whoever murdered Shellie don’t care about relationships they feel “Jaded” and they will have to find a new suit that fits. The suit they have is older and is worn so then they threaten and maybe throw other people under the bus. But the bus is still moving and headed toward you and eventually when people are tired of running then they come on here like some school child and threaten and have a temper tantrum because they can’t have there way. My favorite dessert is lollipops because I can either lick them until no more lollipop or I can decide to just crack them until all evidence is gathered. Well I have chosen to crack and break into parts until the lies are exposed. These toddlers that murdered Shellie refuse to grow up why because they feel entitled and always want to take the easy way out. No more easy ways people will be held accountable for what they have done no matter who finger points who. To all who wears masks and feel they can do whatever they like, some masked wearers will soon will have to answer questions. Jaded people live off others and feel they are the bosses. Good luck on staying masked. People are really adept at placing blame someone where else or on someone else well at any point people can come forward and tell the real story. I don’t understand someone murdered Shellie without thought but think they are entitled to breathe fresh air, what —ss—-. What I think is people don’t really know who they are and are happy wearing masks because Shellie was a woman but you will never be a real woman/man just fake just like some friends.

    • (MS) says:

      the right after the first few sentences I won’t even read the rest of what you wrote cause you don’t know what you’re talking about buddy

  19. Easter Grizzel says:

    GEEZ the team is coming together. We seem to be doing well as a team approach. People are getting upset over initials all of a sudden I wonder why. People must be feeling the heat of the flames. More flames coming from all. People seem to be wanting to spread the word and say it wasn’t me it was him or her. We have a new sister posting and she seems to have a powerful motivation to help. Sorry about starting on the wrong foot some times I have trust issues, sorry about that. My trust issues shouldn’t be yours though. We are hear for Shellie and Shellie should stay the focus. I can be mighty aggressive when I feel deceived but am beginning to realize you truly want to help. If I can help to answer anything feel free to ask.

  20. a mother says:

    easter grizzel- if im wrong then ignore this lol. but i assume ur second half is for me, abt new sister Nd wrong foot and all. its cool. i dont like being badgered for trying to help. i dont trust anyome. ever. ive learned you cant do that these days and expect june cleaver to bake u a pie that doesnt have battery acid in it! look its all good its over. we all, i think and hope, agree the only focus is shellie amd who stopped her from having the choice of what to do tomor or the next day. murder. there was a murder and it was never and never will be justified! however it can be broight to justice! i do believe this team work tbing is puttimg some pressure on people. also the fact that years later the news report on valentines day shows up and refreshes memories. people see the website. some just browse it to be nosey and see whats being said and have no input what so ever, just ppl all over hampton roads wanting to do something online and read about a heartless murder. some see it and have input out loud like me And these other wordy angry ppl. or private in just emails. eithee way. attn is back on shellie! THATS GREAT!!!!! the murderers or ppl connected to them or know of it have been here and seen this! over on the right theres quick links to recent posts and comments. why read the whole thing when u can see whats going on now? hence why these new angry posts are on THOSE where we seem to discussing our theories and making notes that we have new venues or what have you.

    but one thing we do NOT need to do is try to intimidate, harrass, badger, interrogate, or instigate a scene (why doesnt tht look spelled right?) with any new people especially ones who say they want to help. they may not care to help in a positive way at all but instead put focus else where off of them, but if we let them say their pieces maybe we might get some idea of truth without them knowing they gave it to us. YES i do have strong motivation to help in a positive way. i do not wish to deflect away from anyone unless i am POSITIVE its someone else! and i am far from that. however im not far from knowing tge truth. we all are very close and i know this because we have struck nerves and they are telling us we have. lets roll with it. welcome any and all. dont have to trust them. jusr welcome it. ill be honest, theres someone here my “radar” is screamin at but idky, i do but i dont. again, somethinf i wld need to talk to justice about. EASTER, if theres a way we cld talk without breaking identities id do it. ill workshop with u. we can bounce ideas off eachother. if theres things you can answer that isnt on here sure! ill do it! but lets keep talking. if anyone else has anymore ideaa on anything. lets go back thru the blog. what sticks out? comment. get a convo goin for ideas and theories. see what we, aa a TEAM, can get! lets find shellies killer(s)!

    sn: so ive said before one day u will see my writing get very sloppy and the words horribly spelled. TA DA! i said i hate to backspacd! im also laying down with the baby right now trying to get him/her/her/him to sleep so its really hard to tyoe on my phone with one hand thats not my dominate. however this os my norm when texting with froends and on my fb page 😉 trust that this! is my “i dont give a ****” speech amd im really nit in the mood for all the backspacing 100 times a word.

  21. a mother says:

    im awaiting moderation….

  22. a mother says:

    oh. RELENTLESS TRACKER, or anyone who can answer. was rt’s posting directed towards our new angry ( ) poster who wishes we dont use their in itials? or is that posting directed toward us who are trying to find justice for shellie? im co fused on this. i giess i see how yall felt with my unreadable posts. sorry. the run on sentences and tge circle talk and tge start of examples but drifting to a whole otger level of topic amd speaking….. kinda hard to follow! my bad to yall tryin to read my crap!

    so if that can be cleared up. is relentleas tracker speaking to the group of justice seekers or to ( )?

  23. RN says:

    if you have used names, your name in email addy, it will go into moderation

    • a mother says:

      hmmm….. i used the pseudos and initials. the name of the poor child this site is for. and of a tv mom from the 60s (?) whos sons name is an animal that likes to chop wood with its teeth. thats abt it. maybe i hit the comment button too many times. i hate my phone! its new and im not used to it yet.

      • Miranda says:

        I don’t know what caused it on that post, but it is approved now. Sometimes Akismet flags things incorrectly. I check them periodically to fix the ones that shouldn’t be in there and mark them as “Not SPAM” so that hopefully the program will “learn” and not do that. I have also been working with someone at Akismet and we are trying to fix the problem, but there is little I can do, beyond approving them and forwarding them to the person that I am working with on it.

    • Miranda says:

      Only if it is a name that is blacklisted. 🙂

  24. Relentless Tracker says:

    mother- to MS

  25. Relentless Tracker says:

    You good

  26. Twix Mix says:

    Hi, new person posting here! I’ve been coming here for awhile, and tonight decided to finally post a comment. I decided to *finally* post, because I noticed ‘MS’ came on here abruptly fuming. Well, here’s my opinion— He more than likely DOES know more than what he’s saying. Obviously, he doesn’t like the progress in information that has been gathered. I sense anger issues, yikes!

    • a mother says:

      i agree. theres hostility. but i would like to know if (MS) is willing to answer some simple questions to help clear up a confusion. nothing super incriminating i think idk. just about that convo since they have already answered one publicly. any, all, one or two. whatever (MS) feels like saying. if not its cool. we may eventually figure it out anyways.

    • Twix Mix Your input is valuable and Justice needs fresh thinking. Please consider contributing often.

  27. Today Justice is posting part of Bill’s two conversations with CT & MS. The piece is entitled “Justice Rejects CT &MS Demand For Face to Face Meeting”.MS does not know that we at Justice were aware of suspect D. It appears to Justice as it appears to some commenters that people of interest are trying to implicate others. The word “RED Herring” seems an appropriate description.

    • (MS) says:

      Look guy. If you wanna talk to me personally , then call me? You got my number.I’d like help in any way to solve this case..stoped hanging around all ct /nr/fb/and had never even met half the ppl that are suspect. Don’t know lj .would never nothing to with then crimals. At the I found out it was her that passed? It had ben year’s since seen nor heard of in like 4-5 year’s. Not only that I just met the girl that with to day. So all my time was all about her, now we have a daughter of our own.I only hung out with ct cuz iv ben friends since kingsgrant Elementary school. Like I said if I could help in any way most definitely would. Yall attack ing me , making to be some thug manipulative criminal. .look call meet up talk face to face. So I can try to help in any way…I might’ve sounded frustrated and I am with the hear say about me..so call me…or we can all meet up and talk about it..it just bothers me that im still implicated I her ruthless ruthless crime .

  28. Mother of (MS) says:

    this is Ss MS MSs mother I have just read this website, I am contacting my attorney for you for you slandering my sons good name and reputation this is gone too far now spoken with we have spoken with Shelley’s parents they understand my son has nothing to do with this.contacting my attorney so I’m informing you now to stop slandering my sons good name and reputation we will see what my lawyer has to say thank you and God bless you.

    ***Comment Edited by Miranda: The person who posted this comment used the full name of herself and MS. Our blog is set up to place all comments, with the name of any of the possible players to trigger the comment to be set for moderation so that no one has their first and last name placed upon the blog should they be an innocent party. We have many names that trigger this response, and do not want anyone using the full names of anyone who has not been proven guilty in a court of law on our blog. Since we cannot verify with 100% certainty, we will continue to edit these types of comments to remove the names and e-mail addresses of people, even when they put their own full name out there on the site. Thank you.***

  29. Mother of (MS) says:

    no I do not have any knowledge of do murdered Shelly, I would like to help and solve this case is much is all of y’allif I knew who did it best believe I wouldn’t hesitateto let the detective seaboard know who could of done it.if Mr Justice want to contact me personally Mr Carson has my phone number call me

  30. Mother of (MS) says:


  31. (MS) says:

    Wow…y’all watch too much CSI.the ignorant things looking so hard and tough the comments I made on Facebook thinking that I have a secret dialect, Bella just bored busy bodies.my computer clipboards everything thats been written on this blog so we’ll find out…II mean you’re invating my privacytrolling my Facebook post that’s.hasn’t been to college for solving murders I don’t think so so stop trying to play me in this heinous crime.y’all are embarrassing the carson family it’s no longer solving a murder now now it’s back and forth Childish unprofessional ….

  32. a mother says:

    so…. then…. is that a yes or a no? i mean from i get is ur convo is pointless so theres nothing to hide right? so if i asked:

    whats BEAPERS?
    whats CMERAS?
    whats SHELLY?

    you wouldnt mind answering? cuz in that year no one used BEEPERS (correct spelling) anymore and i really am not sure class of 2005 or or younger knows what they are. not being mean or funny but my generation really did kill the beeper thing and bring in teenage cell phones and im alot older than u. and cmeras is it CAMERAS? or cameros? was it a beeping camero? or it a person? shelly as in shellie carson or SSB? or a diff shelly? maybe not even a person?

  33. a mother says:

    or was that last line a threat? or a reminder? maybe not from you but someone else?

  34. RN says:

    yeah why dont you come out and say what all you know about shellie? we KNOW that she has been at your house, what type of relationship did you have with her? when did you start your”relationship” with her and when did it end? when was the last time you ever saw shellie?
    where were you that morning she was killed?
    these are simple questions that a fifth grader can answer… not making any accusations just asking simple questions you are the one who came onto the blog here to rectify and or correct what is being said so why not man up and answer a few questions, as you state or your momma stated you want nothing more than to find who killed her so why not help out if you have nothing to hide?

    • (MS) says:

      There was no relationship but friends she said she was scard of her family, told me she was adopted and scared so she pop up not let her hang out.at that time I was with my girlfriend and D-NR.and her we’re together. And that was year’s befor her passing. I cut myself off all my friendsjust to be with my girlfriend work wake up work from home repeat wake up work come home repeat my priority was to make moneyand stay away from the criminal element

      • RN says:

        Thank you MS for answering those questions…
        anything else you can remember about what she talked to you about can be helpful..
        even the simplest of things..I am all for sitting down in a public place with a few of us at the round table going over things…

  35. Relentless Tracker says:

    We shouldn’t have to reach if we start reaching there is no need to do that. You just should be able to answer the questions. Why not? What’s wrong? To much on paper for you? A person that has nothing to hide shouldn’t be so evasive. EVASIVE+HIDING= not being honest. You know what public is right well leave yourself open and that’s what happens. The people that murdered Shellie have been sloppy if not we would not be here. If you want to help then help if not what’s the need to be here? You are here so let’s talk. I have one question, as many people that have some knowledge of this murder and all the innuendo floating around here, there is truth in some if not people wouldn’t continue to come forward. Someone knows the end of the story and that’s who we want to talk to. I do want to thank you for coming on to talk it takes guts sometimes to do what is right. All aside what do you know that we need to know? We all keep others people’s backs at times but there comes a time when we need to move on and create lives for ourselves. We all grow and change but this murder will live on until the person responsible is where they need to be, in prison. . Do you agree with that? Shellie will never marry, be an aunt, a sister in law, a grandmother and never again will she be a sister. Is it fair to her memory or her family not to have this resolved so they can be of peace. If you know anything please call and help to solve this murder. You are in a perfect position to help locate this murderer. Oh thanks for helping if you can. We need proof do you have any of that? Sometimes many years go by and then BAM something happens and then the murderer is caught. I do believe no one will stop until the murderer is found? Will you continue to help or stop tomorrow? This takes energy to see to the end.

    • a mother says:

      i agree. it does take a lot of balls to come up and speak. it takes a nobody to take a somebody. and a man to tell the truth about it. i know you have alot in front of you right now. and alot behind you. theres only one guarantee in life and shellie got hers way too early. no one here can guarantee you anything except that your full name will never be said out because Justice and Miranda will never allow that to pass by. but you know what im talking about when i say coming out and telling all, to the police, to shellies dad, can help you out. clear your mind. sleep better. work it to your advantage. maybe not get the helicopter outta here. but atleast you can get something for your trouble. the days of being a snitch are back in high school. this is grown up world and now its time to be a man. your sister, your mom, what if this was them? what would you do to bring their murder to justice? find their killer and kill them? or atleast lets just start with finding the killer, am i correct? you would want answers like as soon as the day before they were killed. no one wants to murder shellies killer. no, shellies murderer will still get what shellie wasnt allowed to have. a life. get to live. breathe. one day go home. but we all just want that person or persons to pay for it first.

    • (MS) says:

      answer what question keep it short and simple maybe I’ll read your whole blabberingparagraph?

    • (MS) says:

      like I said keep it short now answer your question to the best of my knowledge

    • (MS) says:

      Dude like I said , iv said all I know.you sound like you got somthing that you want to say, who are to the family anyways? Sum stranger? That gets his kicks off this or somthing to hide self ..huh bud? suspicious

  36. (MS) says:

    Nooo9oooooooo! I don’t know nothing about her murder!!!! Play in to yalls crap…okay.

  37. (MS) says:

    A mother, either you’re a stay at home mom with nothing to do, you’re absolutely insane.

    • a mother says:

      i wish i was a stay at home mom! id love alot more time with my kid/kids and sometimes i feel crazy because of my job and my kid/kids. but thanks for the compliment.

  38. (MS) says:

    and yes a knew FB what does he have to do with any of it. I dont think he evenknew her ?

  39. (MS) says:

    like I said its data plan back and forth on this blog it’s all just meet up and talk about it, meet up at Denny’s I’m willing to.did you all know who I am ? Huh? naked date make it happendoes not make this into a civil dispute.

  40. Relentless Tracker says:

    MS -good feedback. I do agree with you about someone covering there tracks on here. Every time we are easing to a point drama will unfold. Like I said some people are in perfect positions to get this resolved and for all to move on. We all have lives but we can give our time to a good cause to find the murderers and the person/persons that just left her there suffering. Someone wants to deflect guilt off to others that’s for sure. “WE” all need to find out who that is.

    • (MS) says:

      thank you agreed the most logical person I’ve heard. Like I said ask a question short and simple all answer as to what I know but it ain’t much I just don’t like to be accused of something that I had nothing to do with.

      • RN says:

        agreed we do not need some long winded “rambling” going on..
        as you stated you want to clear your name and I get that.. we want to find who killed shellie.. so lets work this together and get it done.

        • (MS) says:

          how are we going to go about doing that, I’ve offered all knowledge I know about the caseso how would we go about doing that one.like I said it just irks my nerves the I don’t want it that the following me around. for my family like I said I was ruled out all the least likely suspects

  41. dpkghearyouknowcrowd says:

    considering i been a suspect too…lets bury the hatchett once an for all…lets meet somewhere anywhere,even the police station lets do it

  42. RN says:

    I can get in touch with you… does mr carson have your number? if so can he give it to me?

  43. RN says:

    I will contact Mr Carson and get the number and we can set up a meeting and lay it all on the table to try to help solve this once and for all!

  44. VBeacher says:

    Upon reading this dialogue, my first thought was “pinch, poke, pinch” was a reference to heroin. Pinch skin to find good vein, poke needle, pinch of needle. I thought that Bad Santa could be the heroin brand.

    Since worms was a movie reference though, perhaps Bad Santa is just a movie reference too.

    On the note that some of the back and forth could be song references, Beepers was a 80s Sir Mix-a-Lot song (thanks, Google). However, as a VB high school student in the late 90s, dealers still had beepers. In CT and MS’s hay days, it’s not too far of a stretch…could just be reminiscing on the early-mid 2000s

    • Clarke Kent says:

      VBeacher Thanks for your input. It certainly sounds reasonable:pinch skin to find a good vein, poke the needle& pinch of the needle. Also thanks for reminding folks the dealers had beepers, just like doctors, in the good old days.

      • Moles says:

        Beepers I forgot about those. Sorry L now I know what you were referring to. MS yeah he knows we know more its a matter of time for him as well. Twisted we got nothing twisted we need to stay focused on what we are saying not go backwards this always happens stay at the church and the pastor and the video at 7eleven. Stay FOIA focused. Those deterring us may be more powerful than you think. LE needs to release the video they will with enough aggressiveness from citizens or media attention. Virginia Beach hates media attention especially when citizens are trying to get information they will delay because they want to be the parties in the right but in this case they are in the wrong so again we need to be able and push for the information. Wavy ten may need to do a human interest story more like a “Rights” Wavy Ten story.

    • L says:

      If you read the time stamps, they said “don’t get it twisted” and “girl got you twisted” at the same minute, probably same time. Jinx – pinch, poke, you owe me a coke. That’s the only thing I can say with confidence. Maybe camera’s is referring to the only camera that could have possibly recorded anybody that night, at the school. Bikes, Shellie, beeping, and a camera were all at the scene.
      Not sure if there’s any “code” here, but the fact that MS never really clarified any of the unknown meanings is suspect. What girl had CT twisted? That should have been easy to answer. He spent all this time criticizing people’s interpretations, and little to no time explaining what he meant.
      I’m not even going to try and interpret the rest because all of it could mean any number of things.

  45. Moles says:

    We were talking about the 7eleven video not a school video so what are you referring to?

    • L says:

      This is an older post about a conversation between CT and MS on Facebook. I haven’t looked at all of these older posts and I was just giving my input on them because I think they’re still relevant. The school I’m referring to is Kingston Elementary.

  46. Vbeacher says:

    In response to email received from Blog about “quinoa” comment. I think “MS” could be using talk to text. Quinoa is a grain pronounced “keen-wah”, but some mistakenly say “kin-oh-wa”. Perhaps some words that are similar..like “can know”.

    • MOLES says:

      That was on the radio this morning it was relaying how to say the name correctly. I really do not know what you are trying to say. I don’t see the relevance to Shellie’s murder. It would be nice for him to explain but if drugs were a part of the poem who really cares. MS could have been trying to deflect from himself to CT. Shellie may have been saying Shellie was afraid of her family but who would she be afraid she was a spoiled child who got her way so why be scared. I do not believe that. She came to your house for a reason may she wanted to see DNR maybe she was being used by boys until she had, had enough then decided to tell some girls what and who she was doing that’s my opinion. I’d say right on point. But so what people usually don’t murder if they are getting what they want from someone. But the girls were probably upset with Shellie or even your girlfriend at that time. If that was my boyfriend inviting a female to come over ID be upset as well but then I would cut ties and just say if that’s what you want then just have it and no longer would I see you. I think a lot of people were blaming CT and MS2 for a lot of things but just maybe they were having fun beating up whoever and who cares. But people that murder someone have more problems with someone could be jealousy from the girls probably still girls now not women. Could be DNR got lost it when she went after other boys instead of him. Or could have been a girl in love with one of her bed mates. People that pump drugs in you for a long period of time will do anything for a love interest. Sorry I’m rambling but got some bad news that happened over the weekend. If MS can clear up that would be nice.

      • Juliet says:

        Or could it be a girl that was infatuated with dnr. Someone that wanted shellie out of the picture so she could have him all to herself? Maybe dnr had cheated on this girl with shellie and she found out and the only way to redeem himself in this girls eyes is to get rid of the one person who could destroy their love. Shellie. Sounds like a lifetime movie, I know, but anythings possible. I would like to know why MS feels so strongly that dnr is the prime suspect in this case? What makes him think that? Is it only because he showed up at cts home that night? Where is dnr now? And I would still like to know how we all thought that call to crime stoppers from cts father was on the night of the murder. CT states it was at least a month kater. That’s a huge difference. Where did this false info come from?

  47. levitra says:

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