Questions for Clarke

Question 2: He got off work because he was tired so be it, but is this a proven fact?Question 3: Did anyone check the time sheets for that day if not we don’t know now do we?Question 4: Did anyone confirm DC’s his out of town alibi with his so called girlfriend?Question 5: Why did MF say he called DC?
Question 6: How did DC know exactly where Shellie was found, location to if a privacy screen was put up?
Question 7: Why was the cell phone taken so long to find, first it was on the kitchen counter, then in hallway then in her room?
Question 8: Why did DC have concerns talking to LE when at the Carson home day of murder?
Question 9: Why would someone change his name and then go back to his original name later if he wasn’t mad at someone for something? I would be pissed to if all those years of drama with Shellie happened for years.
Question 11: Why was MF sweeping lot when this is usually done earlier on in the shift. This is not a requirement at early morning?
Question 12: Why is MF trying to keep alibis of his work and times when he doesn’t really have to do this?
Question 13: MF knew Shellie was in trouble so who really did he see in the parking lot if it wasn’t BB, who is he covering for and why?
Question 14: Was MF paid off for lying by someone, can we ask him that?Question 15: Did MF really see Shellie leave or is he just saying that because he really doesn’t know can we ask him that?
Question 16: Ravenwolf I don’t know but we should ask her to answer why she was so interested in mystery man? Who was she and why do we believe her? She was before my time.
Question 17: I would like to know if Shellie was being stalked by one of the suspected persons.
Question 18: I would like to know if MF and DC ever had a relationship of any kind or still do.Question 19: Who in Justice for Shellie opinions had the most to gain by Shellie’s death, personal, emotionally and financially to gain from Shellie’s death?

Question 20: Who stole Shellie’s original bike or did she just leave it and it was stolen, as fact, Do we know for sure?
Question 21: Can we confirm or not if whether Shellie was dealing drugs we know she wasn’t taking them due to report.
Question 22: Did BB as fact as he knows it if he helped Shellie clean up her arm?
Question 23: Did MF see her arm, did he ask why she did this what does he say? This is the question that related to her murder the most what emotional state was she in did MF take advantage of her emotional well being at that time?
Question 24: Did CT as fact want a relationship with Shellie from what I can recall on here, was he seen her having sex with someone at MS home and didn’t want anything to do with her.
Question 25: Did LJP and MH fight over Shellie, do we know?
Question 26: MF said his brother was at the 7-Eleven five minutes before Shellie came to him to talk about how bad her life was and needed MF, “What is he saying about this? What did they talk about?
Question 27: I’m sure its against 7-Eleven policy to stay on the premises as a friend or a customer for more than two hours so was MF fired after this, do we know?
Question 28: Who else did MF see that came into the store or did he talk to outside that night?
Question 29: Did MF work that whole shift or did he leave for any reason he does get a break did he leave and come back after the break?
Question 30: Shellie would know if he had a lunch break if so he did leave which places him with her when it happened and back sweeping the lot as the emergency vehicles were being called. But PH found her nearly dead so can we ask MF who was else was with him or who did he meet up with while he was with Shellie.
Question 31: Why is no one being honest about her counseling…is it because somebody might get inside information this way…family information…


Question 1: Was DC or not there in the house sleeping when Shellie was murdered or even there during that afternoon?

Question 10: Inquiring Mind said MH was starting to talk who did she hear this from and in what context?

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