CT Faces Two Parallel Charges – Verdict Pending

Written by Clarke Kent

CT was charged with Assault and Battery on 8/03/17 and charges were filed in Va Beach General District Court on 8/11/2017. He was charges with Code 18.2-57 a misdemeanor. He was arrested on Aug 10, 2017. He was arraigned on 8/11/17 and has had 2 hearings that were continued and his latest hearing is set for 11/21/17. While that is pending CT was arrested on 9/7/2017 on a code 19.2-306 and felony violation of probation. He now faces revocation of probation with a hearing set for 11/1/2017.

A little history regarding these parallel charges. On dec 27,2015 CT was found guilty of the charge emanating from his ABC store capers. He pleaded guilty to petit larceny (3rd or subsequent offense) “Pursuant to the provisions of code 19.2-298-01 the applicable sentencing guidelines and the guidelines worksheets were reviewed and considered by the court and are ordered filed as part of the record.” “Before pronouncing the sentence, the court inquired if the defendant desired to make a statement and if the defendant desired to advance any reason why judgment should not be pronounced.”

The court sentenced CT to “Incarceration in the Virginia Department of Corrections for the term of 2 years on each charge of petit larceny (3rd or subsequent offense (2 counts)) the total sentence imposed is 4 years” “The court suspended all but time served of the sentence upon the following conditions


It was sentenced by Judge Shockey on March 28, 2016.

A major violation report was executed by his probation and parole officer on Aug 21, 2017 and filed with the court on Aug 20, 2017. It states in part

“In March 2017, T submitted a urine sample which subsequently tested positive for marijuana. In April 2017, this Officer discussed with T his recent drug screen results and as a result, T was referred and agreed to contact the Virginia Beach Community Service Board (VB CSB) for both mental health and substance abuse assessments. During his June 14, 2017 appointment with this Officer, T advised he could not afford the $150 fee for the VB CSB substance abuse program, therefore he was provided a partial pay referral and instructions to follow through with his assessment. On July 13, 2017, T advised this Officer he had “washed” his partial pay referral and would need another one. During his July 21, 2017 appointment with this Officer, T was provided with a new referral.

On Aug 1, 2017, this Officer received documentation of T having attended his Intake with the VB CSB. this paperwork cited the following information:


“***It should be noted that T was arrested for Assault and Batter -Simple and is currently on a No Bond status at the Virginia Beach City Jail. He is due to return to the Virginia Beach general District Court on September 19, 2017 for this offense. Should he be convicted of this charge, he will be in violation of Condition #1 of his supervised probation obligation.***”


Condition: No Alcohol.

“Violation Notes:
During his July 21, 2017 appointment with this Officer, T admitted to having drank beet on July 4, 2017. He further states his last use of alcohol was on July 15, 2017.”

During his March 31, 2017 appointment with this Officer, T submitted a urine sample which tested positive for marijuana. As a result, this Officer referred him to the VB CSB for a substance abuse assessment.”


It is respectfully recommended a Capias be issued pursuant to a Violation of Probation Hearing.

The Major Violation Report was signed by CT’s probation and Parole officer on Aug 21, 2017.

So the combination of charges will be decided by the court set for a revocation hearing on November 11, 2017 and continued until Jan 3, 2018 for final deposition.

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The Carsons Plea For Help Involves Greta Van Sustern-On The Record

Written by Clarke Kent

In an effort to get publicity for their daughter Shellie’s brutal murder the attached letter was sent to the “On the Record” T.V. show on Fox news. In the letter we discovered that they met a person from the organization called POMC which stands for Parents of Murdered Children. the person they met was Janet Pelasara, the mother of the VCU coed Taylor Beihi who was murdered in Richmond last year (2005). They tell Greta that Janet and her friend Cindi White have the highest respect for you (Greta) and encourage them to seek your compassionate help. Both Bill and Charlotte authored the letter which stated in part the following: For 11 years, we have applauded your efforts to help murdered victims and their families to find truth and Justice. Now Greta we need your support. My husband (Bill), our 20 year old son (Drew) and I are desperate and grief stricken. We urgently need your help to find out who brutally murdered out 18 year old daughter, Shellie a year and 3 months ago.”

Please read the attached letter and understand their desperation to find Justice for Shellie. The letter certainly speaks for itself.


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Another Family in Mourning on Shellie’s Murder

Written by Clarke Kent

A tribute from her fiance’s family on Shellie’s murder. B, plus his mother and father sign a letter on Support to the Carson family on Aug 31, 2005. In it which is 17 days after the brutal murder they state “I pray that the Lord will give you the strength to heal your broken hearts. A very close friend of mine made a lot of copies of Mary’s (Shellie’s) death announcement and I am sending them 2 you so you can have them so you can give them to your family. That is the least I can do for you all. Well take care and may the riches of the Lord be with you and your lovely family. Signed Love in prayers always and signed by the mother, father and BB (her fiance).

Your opinion is welcome, however would not have been the return of the ring in their possession be more effective?

See Attachment


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Clarke Kent Perspective and Insight on Shellie via Letter to Daddy

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice was reviewing old records of Shellie and came across a letter sent from her while she was detained in the Tidewater Detention Home (TDH). It was sent to him by mail on March 18, 2003 when she was 16 years old and detained there just prior to transfer to the Pines Residential Treatment Center in late April of 2003. Shellie had behavior problems and according to documents the following was stated by Shellie “She (Shellie) reported that this was her third admission to TDH in the last 6 months. She related her current charge included driving her parents’ car without permission, driving without a license, resisting arrest, assault on a police officer, and unauthorized use of her parent’s credit card. She stated that he friend had called and told her to take the car and pick them up and she did. She said that she now realized that they were not real friends. She reported that she’s had time to think since she’s been on the new medicine, that she was more receptive to counseling and that she now feels more in control. She expressed a wish that she would be sent back home.”

When I read the attached letter my thoughts included myself as a father and that the Carsons dearly loved their daughter. I thought it was poignant her concern for her pet cats and her request for them to “give her a little treat now and then and let her sleep on your bed. She’s a queen. She deserves it! I love you and mommy.” This the Carson’s precious little girl and her murder was tragic. No one deserves what happened to her. See attachment.



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CT and the ABC Caper – Violation of Probation -Reveals It’s Own Tale

Written By Clarke Kent

The reason we talk about CT is because his name has been mentioned via hearsay to Shellie Carson Murder I’ve been investigating her murder since 2010 and have learned a ton of information on Shellie as well as personal information on Shellie and information from people who heard something and shared it with Justice for Shellie cadre. With regard to CT I learned that he revealed in being the “bad boy” of Eastern Park. His name always popped up from people revealing what hey heard. CT admit it himself. So it’s a fact of life for CT to be pegged as the “bad boy.” I have learned that his reputation was such and he dealt with it. As a boy it was prestigious with some people, however as he grows in maturity, he would now prefer to normalize his life. CT liked to drink, etc and this has lead him into many problems with the law.

The ABC caper is a sad story of petit larceny by a smart guy who got caught stealing a small bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila which cost less than $10. The VBPD put together a case of multiple petit larceny recorded o the video and charged CT with Code 18.2-96 Felony class #6. He pleaded guilty on March 21, 2016 to the charges and was sentenced to 4 years, however he was able to get the sentence suspended by agreeing to a stringent order that required him to make restitution as well as an order to supply DNA and as stated on his sentence order signed by Judge Shockley on March 21, 2016 to 1) Good behavior “the defendant shall be of good behavior for 4 years and 2) Supervised probation. The supervised probation states the following: “the defendant is placed on supervised probation, the defendant shall be on probation under the supervision of a probation officer. Probation shall commence upon sentencing unless the defendant is remanded to custody at sentencing, then it shall commence upon release from incarceration. The defendant shall comply with all the rules, terms and requirements set by the probation officer. The defendant shall undergo and complete any substance abuse screening, assessments testing and treatment directed by the probation officer.” Added to the sentencing order, the order was that “The Defendant shall consume no alcohol and that the defendant is banned from all ABC stores. He was to make restitution of $114.80.” The order also stated, “The defendant sentenced to a term of confinement in a correctional facility shall be given credit for time spent in confinement while awaiting trial pursuant to Code 53.1-187.” “The Defendant shall pay cost pursuant to a statue.”

Now on 8/31/17 a warrant was issued for violation of probation. CT was arrested on 9/7/17. Added to CT problem was a notation on CT “Major violation report that stated ” it should be noted that CT was arrested for assault and battery – simple and is currently on a No Bond Status at VA Beach City Jail. He is due to return to the VA BEach General Court on 9/9/17. Should he be convicted of this charge he will be in violation of condition #1 of his supervised probation obligation.” CT’s ABC caper by this petit larceny of very small amounts of Tequila may cost him 4 years in the Va Beach Correctional Unit. His vice seems minor at first but his price could be 4 years of incarceration.

Justice during his period of probation has communicated with CT and I will share some of our communications. While we are seeking Justice for Shellie we are conscious of the efforts of CT to stay sober and get his life together. We sincerely wish him success at the pursuit.

Clarke and Lois Lane will share some interesting conversation with CT.


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CT Arrested for Violating Probation

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice was alerted that CT, on Sept 7, 2017 was arrested for a code #19.2-306 a violation of probation. It was from a violation that occurred on Aug 31, 2017 and has the case # CR15003242-02. On Aug 31, 2017 a writ was executed to CT for his seizure (arrest) for the purpose of requiring him to answer the courts contention of a violation of probation. He appeared for a hearing on Sept 12, 2017 at which time he made arrangements for time to secure representation by an attorney. Another hearing is set for Sept 26, th 2017. Justice is in the process of attaining more information and will keep our readers up to date on what transpire. We are presently receiving info from sources that will expand on the new information we know for a fact that CT faces 4/5 years in the penitentiary if he violated his arrangement for his probation. More to follow.

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This is My Dedication to My Baby Mary Rachel Carson

Written by Clarke Kent

BB on Oct 19, 2005 sent a post on the Monster Batista Xanga.com weblog. The attached Dedication to my Baby Mary Rachel Carson. It gives a glimpse of BB.


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Bike: Timeline Established via Shellie Cell Conversations

Evidence perks interest in the bus driver who feels that she observed Shellie on Va Beach Blvd prior to her murder. Evidence asks in a comment on the post “HRT Driver Sighting Raises Perplexing Scenario,” post date September 1, 1017  “In relation to the Bus Driver observations. I feel that she may have mistaken the time by the one hour.” Back in Feb 2014 I requested ANON L (Bus driver) to please confirm that she started work at 11 PM instead of 12 AM on Aug 13/Aug14, 2005. I also alerted cold case unit via Det Horvath at the same time of Anon L sighting and sent him a copy of my post “Justice in Pursuit of Now Information, post date Feb 11, 2014. In my last correspondence with ANON L she replied on Feb 12, 2014 to my question of her starting time with Hi Clarke, “I called HRT and the boss wasn’t in so I left a message. No one in dispatch could answer that question.” That was our last conversation as she never contacted me further. I have tried in vain to reach her recently and have had no luck or success even talking with her. Did we have interference from LE would ask her not to talk further with Justice, I do not know. If it was earlier 11:20 -11:25 PM it would fit in with Shellie talking with BB while the white/cream color car followed her home from the 7-Eleven.

The cell phone recorders indicate that Shellie was on the phone with BB via his home phone, not his cell phone. With the understanding now available to us BB could have been not home and had “call forwarding” transferred to his cell phone while he and another followed her home from the 7-Eleven. We know for a fact 2 things. The first is that her father met Shellie at the side door as she enterest her home at 11:49PM on Sat, Aug 13, 2005. We also know that Shellie talked with BB via a call to his home phone from 10:54 PM to 11:49PM. Now if the bus driver was 1 hour late when she observed Shellie was actually 1 hour earlier it would put BB as the driver of the white car following her. Justice could not confirm that that is the reality and the young girl on the bike was someone else. If only there was a way to confirm that the time was actually 1 hour earlier it would put BB in a difficult position. We must deal with reality, however I’m not convinced and it only would prove he lied.

Evidence also asks a question “Was the Bike Rider unaware of the car following her?” In my original post I wrote “She (busdriver) feels that the bike rider (Shellie) was unaware of the car.” Evidence also questions the point of observation and where would rider be coming from? The point of observation was the bus stop on the eastbound Va Beach Blvd prior to Little Neck Rd. Shellie would have taken her bike from the 7/11 via Kings Grant Rd to Va Beach Blvd riding her bike in the west bound Va Beach Blvd making a right turn around 11:25 PM and arriving at her home and greeting her father at11:49 PM, which is a 24 minute ride home

And questions or thoughts?

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BB – MF Reveals Jan 2012 – MF & BB – “We Stay In Touch”

Written by Clarke Kent

BB and MF relationship is unique for the boyfriend of Shellie. Shellie was manipulative and used BB for his car and her purpose. BB was head over heels in love with her. There had to be some jealousy from B, however Shellie included him in to things BB and her shared and MF was available. The relationship between MF and BB is of interest when you consider the circumstances of MF losing to BB. It’s interesting from both perspectives. I remember that after Shellie brutal murder, both BB and MF went and visited the Carsons immediately. The arrived together. I also remember back 5 years that BB made numerous statements regarding MF so I decided to start rereading the post from beginning and on Post #706 BB answers a question posted by a Shelby who asked him “Did MF walk Shellie as far as the pond or not?” Shelby continues “If not and he said that he did, why would he lie about something like that?” The two important points in BB answer were he defended MF and also revealed that they both stay in touch. I attach the post and answers as an attachment. I recall that we learned just recently that BB, after the reconciliation all [??] MF. I further recall all the other things BB did for MF including driving him along with Shellie to Circuit City when they began the argument/fight the early evening prior to her murder. I also remember it was BB who brought MF to be interviewed and stayed for the interview. There is a link between these two boyfriends of Shellie. Can it point to something involving them in the murder?


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HRT Driver Sighting Raises Perplexing Scenario

Written By Clarke Kent

Justice has been trying to fit known facts into a scenario that indicated the HRT bus driver timeline on her sighting of Shellie. the bus driver known s Anon Linda revealed the following: She was the bus driver known on Va Beach Blvd and because the route requires that she arrive at each pick up location at specific times and therefore was very conscious of time on date of Aug 13/14, 2005. On the evening of Shellie’s murder, she started at 11 PM and was traveling east of Va Beach Blvd. She arrived at one of her appointment pick up spots early and while parked on the east bound side of Va Beach Blvd she observed a single young female riding a bike on the opposite side (VB Blvd) going westbound. As she watched this young lady ride her bike she observed a white sedan medium sized following at a distance. She became transfixed on watching the bike rider and the white sedan. She explained her intense interest was because she was molested at a young girl and some how she sensed possible danger. The time line she observed the young girl was between 12:20 and 12:25AM. She continues that she, the bike rider in the westbound lane she saw a vehicle following had two riders, the driver was taller than the person on the passenger side. She could not see the driver but could only see a smaller image of the passenger. She described the car as white or cream in color and it was following who she believes was Shellie, at a close distance. When prodded she feels that the bike rider (Shellie) was unaware of the car. Anon L continues that the car in the far right lane and for obvious reasons was diving at the same pace as the bike, thereby traveling 15 mph in a 45 mph speed limit on Va Beach Blvd. As the bike passed she watched as she approached Little Neck Rd corner and did observe that the bike rider turned right followed by the medium sized sedan.

The perplexing question is if we assume for research investigation reasons to assume it was Shellie, how do we fit this scenario into the other facts that we know? That is what I’m asking the cadre of sleuths that follow our blog to assist us with there thinking.

These are the facts that are confirmed. Shellie arrived at her house and was greeted by her father at 11:49 PM on Aug 13, 2005,and retired to her room. She had arrived home on her bike and entered the house by the side door. The parents then retired for the evening. She had a 3 minute phone call at 12:53 lasting to 12:56AM. We know that she talked on her cell phone to BB (10:54 to 11:49) 55 minutes to BB home phone arriving home at 11:45 PM that confirms the parents time of her arrival. We know that BB told us he visited her between 12 and 1 AM and they reconciled. We have never confirmed that BB reconciliation actually happened. The question and problem we have is if Anon is correct how do we place her on a bike being on Va Beach Blvd between 12:20/12:25. The only plausible reason I can see is either Anon L was mistaken by 1 hour and Shellie was on Va Beach Blvd at 11:20 – 11:25 which would be very possible or she went home, left immediately and was returning after a visit with someone east of Va beach Blvd and returning home leaving her cell in her bedroom prior to visiting the Seven Eleven.

These are what we absolutely know as facts

A. Conversation ono bike returning from 7-11 at 10:54 – 11:49PM

B. Parents confirm Shellie home at 11:49PM

C. Cell call incoming 12:53 – 12:56 incoming 3 minutes

D. Cell Call incoming 1:05 AM; 1:16 AM; 1:24 AM not answered

E. No out going calls to BB on her cell after 11:49 PM

Justice requests any input from our cadre of sleuths or any other scenarios or comments that could further our thinking on the HRT Bus drivers story.


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