Early Records on JC Does it Have Any Probative Value?

Written by Clarke Kent

The Carson family has turned over all the records of Shellie’s murder. With regard to JC we have a statement from Oct 17, 2005 about 3 months after Shellie’s brutal murder on Aug 14, 2005. (See Attachment “A”) We also have a document from Feb 23, 2006 that reveals “History of Shellie Carson, JC and DK.” See attachment “B.” Justice reveals these documents for your consumption. It is heavily redacted, however they may be of value for others to contemplate JC as and ex-boyfriend as well as a person who called the Carson house phone at 10:06 AM prior to Shellie being identified as the victim of a murder. These early documents predate a handwritten note left at the Carson home on March 25, 2008. Read these exhibits as well as the “letter” when published with the idea of gleaning and hidden value. Justice thru Lois Lane has learned that the call to the Carson house was made by a friend of JC’s brother. Justice also suggests you also read the attachment “C” written to Det Tucker, from Charlotte and Bill Carson on April 21, 2008. Justice asks our sleuth team to determine if there is any probative value learned with regard to Shellie’s brutal murder or is it just a love letter to Shellie from an ex-boyfriend who just had to express his feelings with the Carson family. your opinion and comments are requested.

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Mysterious Call to Carson’s Prior to LE IDing Shellie Creates New Interest

Written By Clarke Kent

There was a telephone call made from an ex boyfriend of Shellie, made to the Carson home phone at 10:06 on Sunday, Aug 14, 2005. No voice mail message was left, however VBPD know that it came from JC, the ex boyfriend while Bill and Charlotte were in church. At 10:06 AM the VBPD did not know the identity of the murdered female found at the Kings Grant Circle. Justice has learned new information from the old boyfriend that pinpoints who made that call. Originally it was thought that it was JC the ex boyfriend, however Justice has learned from Lois Lane some new information that pinpoints another male who was JC brother’s guest at the house the night of the murder and he was the person allegedly who called the Carson household. I’ll quote who Lois Lane passed on to me “He says the night before Shellie died a guy who’s name he can’t remember came to the house from Kings Grant and asked to spend the night. It was his brother’s friend. He stayed the night and the next morning used JC’s house phone to call the Carson house around 10 AM. And then left. JC said police assumed he made that call and he had to get video footage from his job to prove he wasn’t home that night. So whoever that guy was made that call and came from Kings Grant to hide out for the night. That guy had to have something to do with the murder.”

Lois and I will be interviewing the ex boyfriend who is known as JC and who sent a love letter to the Carsons several years after her murder. I will be writing a post on the interview as well as the letter he sent with is a story in itself. Stay tuned.

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Justice’s Facebook Pages – Pay Dividends – “Secret Squirrel”

Written by Clarke Kent

The meeting and interview was entirely written by Lois Lane. I have not read it as this posting but will after I publish it Lois Lane has certainly vitalised interest on the Shellie Carson murder case. People like Secret Squirrel lived in the community and certainly have a greater interest in the case, than the average person residing in Va Beach. the Justice for Shellie website/blog was created to capture local interest of people who might want to help by their participation and sharing of information surrounding the murder of an 18 year old girl riding her bike at night and early morning. Someone holds the key to solving the case and that is why we at Justice for Shellie dialogue about this case, because we believe that information generated on our website/blog might help in solving this horrid, brutal murder. We as all to read as much as you an and if you have information contact the cold case squad or tell us as we share information with VBPD of all pertinent information and have supplied them with many names and phone contact with those persons who want to see justice for Shellie.

Please read the attachment of Lois Lane’s email to Clarke Kent



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Lois Lane/Facebook Advise “Stay Tuned. We’ve Learned Some Interesting Stuff

Written by Clarke Kent

Clarke’s new assistant Lois Lane and her introduction of the Justice for Shellie facebook pages is starting to garner a new following and dividends will follow. I coordinate with her almost daily and I asked her to prepare an email with information we learned because Lois Lane is putting periodically actual post of past posting and a lot of new people are now discovering the Justice for Shellie website/blog and new information is be9ing learned. I will attach her email and you can read word for word about what she is learning. Clark suggests that readers also read a post dated Feb 22, 2012 entitled “Web Snooping at Work” and a post entitiled “Behind the Scene – Web Snooping – What is Learned” dated Feb 27, 2015. Of particular value is the 1st Web Snooping at Work had 145 comments from community participants which is worth the read.


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Clarke’s Corner – An Update

Written by Clarke Kent

I have been very happy with the progress we are getting through the assistance of Lois Lane. We are both in close contact and communicate almost daily. We have learned many new things concerning Shellie and her murder. We have interviewed a number of cooperating peers of Shellie and am happy with our progress. I will share with readers a few things we learned.

BB is using his facebook page as a dating website, according to several females. I quote from one female. “BB is her friend via facebook and he is really annoying always hitting on her and actually I have heard that from a few different people. Apparently, he uses facebook as a dating website and females find him weird and very annoying. I did go thru his page and it is true he seems to be hitting on every female he comes in contact with.”

Lois Lane as identified BB’ s wife who has remarried and has 2 children.

Learn thru a source that LJP “has been put in witness relocation program. He said he verified this somehow.”

Justice with Lois Lane has identified several sources who knew Shellie and actually played softball and basketball with her on the team. Lois relates the following. “She will have a team photo of Shellie playing basketball with PH as the coach. BA was also on the team as well as 2 or 3 other girls that she knows she actually plays softball with her. The main buzz was that Shellie told people that she was being sexually and physically abused…and that she was extremely scared of him. She says a lot of people have always assumed it was him. She did say that she does know Shellie lied a lot and was sleeping with multiple men. Also LP and EW and CT (female) were her good friends. they were all very promiscuous and in fact kinda LP and CT (male) were friends with benefits and she believes LP will lie at any cost to protect CT. She has a lot of interesting info?

One last thing – Lois Lane reveals in this email the following:


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Shellie Sighted on Va beach Blvd Four Hours Prior to Murder

Written by Clarke Kent

This post deals with an alert to Justice from a bus driver for the HRT who wrote the following email. “I saw shelly rideing her bike on va blvd that night she looked very young to me I wondered why she was out so late I was driving a city bus at the time I did notice a white or cream color car following her pretty close with two men one driving was white and husky and a passenger small white the car was med sized I didn’t get a lience plate I wish I had . im sorry I never thought I could help but after all this time it still bothers me ! god bless you !”

This comment appeared in the Justice for Shellie website on Jan 4, 2016, written by Anon Linda. I was quick to contact Anon Linda and have had two separate meetings that were also attended by several other people associated with Justice.

The basic reason these interviews and info were held in abeyance was because of inconsistencies in the time line. Anon Linda claims that she was the bus driver on Va Beach Blvd and because the route requires that she arrive at each pick up location at specific times. On this evening she started around 11 PM and was traveling East on Va Beach Blvd. She arrived at one of her appointments pick up shots early and while parked on the East Bound Va Beach Blvd she observed a single young female riding a bike on the opposite side (VB Blvd) going westbound. As she watched this young lady ride her bike she also observed a white sedan medium sized following at a distance. She because transfixed on watching the bike rider and the white sedan. She explained her intense interest was because she was molested as a young girl and some how she sensed possible danger. the time line she observed the young lady was between 12:20 and 12:25 AM. She continues as the bike rider passed in the westbound lane she saw the whole vehicle had two riders. the driver was taller than the person on the passenger side she could not see the driver but could only see a smaller image of the passenger. She describes the car as white or cream in color and it was following who she believes was Shellie, at a close distance. When prodded she feels that the bike rider (Shellie) was unaware of the car. Anon L continues that the car was in the far right lane and for obvious reasons was driving at the same pace as the bike, thereby traveling 15 mph in a 45 mph sped limit on Va Beach Blvd. As the bike passed she watched as she approached the Little Neck Rd corner and did observe that the bike turned right followed by the medium sized sedan.

While Anon L stands by her timeline of 12:20 to 12:25, Justice feels we should re-examine our information.

If she was inaccurate about the time and it was 11:20 – 11:25 it would fir into Justice’s timeline We know Shellie was talking to BB on his home phone for the period of 10:54 to 11:44 PM. That would be corroberated by the telephone records. Remember I was always concerned about BB demanding he speak to her on his home number and that Saturday he wouldn’t answer his cell, but only accept calls on the home line. I was suspicious of this pattern, especially on the period of time of her muder.

The car matches BB vehicle however BB could not be in the car since he was home talking to Shellie unless there was a way to transfer the call to his cell phone.

Justice is requesting our cadre to contribute to the information Anon L supplied as she claims a picture helped identify Shellie as the bike rider. The white vehicle was similar. Could the bus driver have been incorrect in her timeline? Could Shellie after leaving the 7-11 traveled via Va beach Blvd instead of a more direct route of Kings Grant Rd? If this was indeed Shellie who was following her on Va Beach Blvd?

If the time line o the bus driver is accurate this was not Shellie. Even the bus driver stated that she looked so young, was alone and she felt in a dangerous position and identified her from news clippings. Was the car following the bike rider a parent following their daughter for safety? Your opinion?


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R – Questions Re Mysterious Letter Spurs Interest in Writer’s Motivation

Written by Clarke Kent

R in a comment of a post entitled “Why Does Boyfriend (BB) Repeatedly Stumble – Creating Excessive Drama?” post date May 12, 2017, asks the question of BB the boyfriend and his girl friend did it and requested Clarke response. I have reviewed my files and will discuss what was stated in this 2 page letter to Mr and Mrs Carson. I attach it as exhibit “A” for readers evaluation.

The mysterious letters consisted of 3 separate handwritten letters. Bill Cason in a e-mail on Feb 3, 2006 to Det Dennis Herbert. (See Exhibit “B”) states “at least three handwritten letters by one unknown writer were sent to us concerning Shellie’s murder. The first was mailed directly to the police. The second was sent to us through our church secretary and minister. The third was left at the memorial at Kings Grant Traffic Circle. After studying the second letter more thoroughly we are concerned that the letter writer may be mentally unstable and make be Shellie’s murderer.

Previously Justice thinking was that the motivation of the writer was to divert attention from the real killer to BB, the boyfriend. R’s question peaked my curiousness and I focused on what was the persons motive for trying to alert the police and the Carsons was. I never focused on the possibility that this writer may have legitimate information. Now the question before our sleuth cadre is just that. Let’s make an effort to consider that some of the information in the mysterious letter may be correct and proceed from there, in essence he the writer focuses on BB motivation and a new girlfriend and tried to comfort Shellie that he was “break up and call off the wedding.” Mysterious writer continue with he “tried to talk to our daughter (Shellie), but your daughter cried and boyfriend had her knocked out.” Justice has learned that BB met his new wife at Shellie’s funeral and she was Shellie’s friend. If that was true BB would not want anyone to know that he had met her prior for that reason the funeral which obviously was immediately after her murder was an ideal cover to haste marriage to her.

Now that can explain BB motivation, however what is the motivation for mysterious writer? Why does he do work so diligently to expose BB is the murderer, with his girlfriend possible present. Mysterious man also introduces that “boyfriend and new girlfriend will try collect reward to move away, but your daughter’s spirit is haunting him repeatedly.” The reward money as a motivation, if true they would have to involve themselves or maybe he thinks girlfriend will identify BB.

Mysterious writer also tells us he is anonymous and the police dept is corrupt and LE is trying to kill him. He closes with a suggest “the boyfriend will crack if police push him via new girlfriend’s associate.” Consider this was written 2 1/3 months after the murder and anonymous Mystery writer pinpoints new girl friends associate. Interesting letter. Consider his motivation. It must be very important.




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Why Does Boyfriend (BB) Repeatedly Stumble – Creating Excessive Drama?

Written By Clarke Kent

I have been pondering for many years in the investigation of Shellie’s murder, the relationship between BB and Shellie and I am leaning in the direction that Shellie wanted to break off the relationship and that in fact so called reconciliation was a sham. That in fact the only person revealing the make up was the boyfriend BB. Everything we know about BB reunion back with Shellie in the early morning of Sunday Aug 14, 2005 came from BB, however he has repeatedly misrepresented what transpired. Why all the drama? Justice believes that the make up was “make believe” and his revealing were created to bolster his case that it was an amicable reunion. Almost everything BB discusses about his early morning visit can be refuted.

Justice has covered in our website/blog BB own statements he wrote on the blog himself and everything can be refuted by his contradictions, his slips and mistakes. Justice has brought this out numerous times. If we take simply the reconciliation issue we can show that all discrepancies can be refuted. Look at some of the issues we discussed and decide for yourself. Starting with the ring issue, then to the cell call issues and then there is the reconciliation itself, as well as Shellie’s texting during their make up. Ass to these issues the rationale for not calling Shellie when he arrived home as promised as he claims Shellie did was false, add to that BB called MF instead obviously of confirming this reconciliation.

We also know that Gigi the next morning received a call from BB prior to the start of his job at JC Penney at 10 AM in which he told Gigi that Shellie was murdered via being run over by a vehicle. And he requesting Gigi to call the Carson’s before speaking to police. She also described her opinion of BB fake crying. I know from talking with both Bill and Charlotte that police arrived at their home about 10:30 Am on the morning of the discovery of Shellie’s murdered body and she was identified by Charlotte who matched the sneakers worn by Shellie with the ones the victim was wearing shortly thereafter.

Put all this with the fact that the police arrived at JC Penney after 11 AM and told BB of Shellie’s murder. BB and his parents were driving him home from work when he called MF while he was working at the BK. So we know that BB called MF when he arrived home after being with Shellie and he called him again after police alerted him of her murder. However we know that he promised to get her cigarettes the next morning (Sunday) but never did, however he called Gigi telling her of Shellie’s murder prior to learning that from police.

Put it all together and it leads to someone so inconsistent with what happened, you must ask yourself a basic question. Why does BB repeatedly stumble, slip, blunder on the truth. What is he hiding by all the drama he produces when addressing simple basic questions about his reconciliation with Shellie? And the last time together.

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The MF Interview- Clarke’s Thoughts and a New Red Flag

Written by Clarke Kent

Lois Lane and myself met with MF at a restaurant on Va Beach Blvd. The interview was set up by a call from Z to MF while we were interviewing Z. MF arrived exactly at 12 noon and joined me at a table, and Lois Lane arrived minutes later. I found MF to be cooperative with a calm manner. We actually interviewed him for 2 hours and 15 minutes and it appeared he was not in a rush to conclude our discussion early. He told us about where he worked now and gladly gave us his cell number. Lois Lane in her post on April 29, 2017, outlined the major points learned.

These are the points I thought important and will share them with you. MF worked the night shift at the 7-Eleven from 11 PM to 7 AM. He also started work at Burger King at 8 am. Remember his mother was in management with this Burger King. He received a call from BK just after 7 AM about 45 minutes prior to his start time there inquiring if he knew where Shellie was. He remembered that he was outside the 7-Eleven cleaning up the area when he observed sirens and fire vehicles speeding toward Kings Grant. This and the call from BK were indications that something was not right and he had concerns that Shellie’s safety was an issue. When BB called him after police visited him at work, he called MF as BB headed home with his parents. They talked and MF revealed that he had a bad feeling when she left and when he heard police sirens and activity heading toward the Kings Grant Rd. He definitely knew something has drastically happened when the BK called him inquiring about Shellie.

MF talked about the fight between Shellie and BB the early evening when they, BB, MF, and Shellie went to Circuit City. My gut feeling was that the fight was manufactured by Shellie to provoke a dispute as she played one boy against the other. The substance of the fight issue was juvenile giving MF an opportunity to be with her. Shellie had a reputation for manipulating young guys and had issues with other females who resented her presence because she came on to their boyfriends.

There were many call calls between Shellie, MF and BB. Of importance, both guys spoke to each other twice prior to Shellie’s murder. One was at the 7-Eleven about 1030 PM and again when BB called him at the 7-Eleven when he arrived home, after his so called reconcilliation with Shellie. This call was unknown to me and set off a Red Flag Alert. Let me explain. When BB left BB tells us that Shellie said to him “call me when you get home” So I’ll know your okay. The alert is BB never called Shellie as the reconciliation promise was requested to call her. BB could never explain that, however, he told us he just forgot. Why would BB call MF to tell him he arrived home and not his beloved Shellie who was his fiance. This just doesn’t make sense and tells us that just maybe be reconciliation never occurred. Think this through as it potentially opens a Pandora’s Box with extensive unseen troubles for BB. Add his rings rationale and his haste marriage. The Red Flag is it doesn’t stand the test of a harmonious conclusion.

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Shellie’s Balancing Act – MF and BB Her Pawns

Written by Clarke Kent

After 7 plus years of talking and learning from her friends I have come to a conclusion that Shellie “free spirit” sexuality of using others as her pawns produced her prowess over teenage boys and one middle age man. Shellie learned and used her sexual appeal to attack and manipulate them for her own purposes. Shellie played guys like pawns. Especially BB and MF and was to cavalier in attitude and created too many conflicts with guys and girls. While that is my opinion of Shellie’s actions, I think it is important to know this Shellie. Was it responsible for her murder? That is an entirely different question. It could of or could not of been a factor, however it’s important to know that Shellie acted the way she did for singularly her own purposes.

BB and MF were caught up as boyfriends and ex boyfriends with both understanding who Shellie was. She manipulated them sometimes were a little rough for their feelings. Shellie however was an expert in hiding things from her parents and brother, as well as her current boyfriend BB. But BB know little about Shellie’s other life.

Now we must take a look at others unveiled with Shellie’s manipulations. Dunn (FB), PH (the guy who discovered the body) and numerous others who are known to us. What we don’t know is who else out there had similar experiences with Shellie. MF was the ex boyfriend who was with Shellie prior to her brutal murder. Justice believes he was always dedicated to Shellie and Shellie always went back to him for comfort and MF mother was Shellie’s second mother in Va Beach. BB was newly in love with Shellie and had very little experience with girls and either didn’t see what was happening or just didn’t want to believe Shellie look at other males.

These are my opinions and thoughts on Shellie, BB and MF. We must seek the truth of Shellie’s murder however we must always look in the context of Shellie’s life style. This 18 year old girl deserves that the murderer should be brought to justice.

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