BW – Unholy 3rd Party? Did She Witness Shellie’s Murder?

Written by Clarke Kent

Anon Source communicated with me almost daily from early March 2014. In one of our emails she told me that BW was an eye witness to Shellie’s murder. Anon Source was the person who tipped off Bill and myself to BW being arrested in the Meth lab in Va Beach area of Va Beach Blvd. Bill and I spent a day visiting storage facilities until we finally found that storage unit where the arrest occurred. Anon Source had related to me earlier that her sources revealed that BW was at the murder scene of Shellie Carson. This was our opportunity to see if the VBPD could work a deal with her to reveal the truth about Shellie’s murder in exchange for a deal concerning her arrest on Meth manufacturing.

With that possible knowledge we felt we were getting close to closing Shellie’s murder case. I now go to April 29, 2014 and quote from an e-mail sent to me by Anon Source. Please see below with some redactions.

Anon Source has alerted me prior to 4-29-14 that BW had firsthand knowledge of Shellie Carson’s murder. I will attach exhibit A, a copy of an email sent to me on April 29, 2014. I’ll quote a portion “BW is knowledgeable to an extent what she knows. I’ve already told you (witness Shellie’s murder), but she lives every moment in serious fear she is terrified of MS2 or someone else will find she is talking. I can not have her initials hit the blog please. She has been told by MS2 and someone else along with her friend CB told, if she ever thinks about talking she will be killed the same exact way Shellie was except this time she gets to live her own hell.”

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DK’s Pandora’s Box Reveals Unholy Partnership and A Duped Third Party

Written by Clarke Kent

Evidence’s comment on a post I wrote on July 22, 2019 entitled “The Birth of an Unholy Association – DK and MS 2” 7/22/19 in which he alludes to the 14 year relationship between MS2 and DK which he thought was “extremely serious.” He asks the question – Why would anyone allow this continual threat?” Evidence then sarcastically asks, did she set in motion a “Pandora’s Box?” What was exposed as we learned from DK’s Exhibits, Depositions and Interrogatories was that a 3rd person unwillingly became involved. The 3rd party is BW and had relationships with DK and MS2.

Let me explain the importance of BW. Early on in the investigation of Shellie’s murder her name comes up several times by sources that she might have witnessed first hand the brutal murder of Shellie Carson. We learned that the day after the murder she was admitted to the hospital in Williamsburg Va Beach, Va. The rationale was because she may have witnessed such a brutal murder, we knew that the only way this murder case of Shellie’s would be solved by either DNA or from someone who would possibly testify against the murderer. So when we discovered that BW was arrested regarding operation and manufacturing meth lab we had high hopes that the investigators into Shellie’s murder could get evidence to help solve Shellie’s murder case.

As you know, we followed the meth lab investigation as well as we investigated the people surrounding the storage facility that the meth lab was located. Five days after the bust, I wrote a comment answering another comment that it was a laugh (on work at Justice for Shellie). It was a good chance to tell the people really interested in why we were so interested in the meth lab and our rationale. I posted the absolute truth on why we were interested. We wanted to see who had the interest to inquire and if she would cooperate with police.

We did not get any interest of value until we received an Exhibit in DK legal proceeding. It was Exhibit “H” and was to be used duting our long lawsuit, it however showed us that DK had interest. She was the one who was interested.

The comment posted on Nov 12, 2014 simply stated “This is no laugh to Bill as we both spent this afternoon interviewing people associated in the police action last Fri Nov 7th. What learned may lead LE offering a deal to the one arrested to reveal the evidence needed by the Commonwealth’s Attorney to effectuated the needed arrest warrant for the killer of Shellie Carson.” See Attachment.

My next post will discuss what we know and learned from BW and our interviews.

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The Birth of an Unholy Association – DK and MS2

Written by Clarke Kent

The start of the unholy connection between DK and MS2 started in 2003.

By carefully analyzing DK’s sworn deposition I believe I have identified the start of what I believe is their unholy association. During the 3 1/2 years of litigation we have 3 separate depositions from DK. I will endeavor to accurately quote conversation under oath that I find helpful in testimony taken of DK on the following dates. The first deposition was taken on December 8, 2017; September 6, 2018 and January 21, 2019. I also include my opinion and interpretations as well as over 9 years of investigating Shellie’s murder.

Sometime in 2003 MS2 organized a party at DK’s home. Here is how it happened when my attorney asked a question to DK “How do you know MS2?  DK responded “I don’t know him. I met him in 2003.” A follow up question was “How?” DK response was “He had a party at my house when I was out of town.” Question “How did that come about?” DK’s response was “My son invited him over and he brought a bunch of his friends over and they had a juvenile party. And when I got back I went over to the parents house and then we dealt with it.” Question – “Your son invited MS2 or your son invited people who invited MS2?” DK – “My son invited MS2.” Question – “Has he ever lived at your house.” DK – “No. Never.” Question – “Has he ever run a gym out of your house?” DK – “No.” My attorney also asked DK “Have you ever been threatened by MS2?” DK answer “We have had direct heated discussions where I made my point very clear.” Attorney Questions [from here, referred to as “ATT Q”] – Ca you give me a time frame?2014, 15 for this conversation. DK – “2003.” ATT Q – “2003. So this was not long after the party at your house?” DK – “Correct.” ATT Q – “And we’ve had that discussion since as well.” ATT Q “Since 2003?” DK – “Yes” ATT Q ” When was the last time you think you had that conversation with him? DK – ” Beginning of the Summer.” ATT Q “This Summer?” DK – “Correct.” What we’re learning is that since 2003 DK has been continuously threatened by MS2. My attorney asked How did that (the conversation/threat) come about. DK – “He came over to my house upset about things he’d heard.” ATT Q – “Okay, what were the things he was upset about?” DK – “The things that were on the blog and the people associated with it.” ATT Q – “Why did he come to you about it?” DK – “because I’m on the blog and he thinks I’m against him.” DK’s answer regarding her conversation

What we learned was DK has been threatened by MS for over 14 years. A simple question is why? My opinion starting with MS2 running his own party at her house to his, visible imprint on her home address leads me to conclude to an unholy partnership. What happened in 2003 at the “Juvenile Party at her house” was the birth of their unholy partnership? Was Shellie present, was BW present and what significant event happened to cement this unholy partnership? Was the gym business advertised by MS2 just a subterfuge to hide something illegal?

Ponder the police following DK and the website/blog and the questioning of her attorney about posts in May 2019, add to that the fact that all information on DK is filed in a murder investigation which happens to be the one we represent and is protected from discovery by anyone that was subpoenaed of her in a court of law. The unholy partnership has value and may have information on the murder of Shellie Carson in 2005?

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DK’s Attorney – Police Had Real Serious ? About…blog. Especially my Client

Written by Clarke Kent

In the Virginia Beach Circuit Court a hearing before Judge James C. Lewis was heard on June 4, 2019. DK’s attorney, Mr. T. In testifying he accused the website/blog stating “It is a very poignant website. He’s making allegations, innuendos up the wazoo and even it’s to the point where just two weeks ago, I got a phone call from the police dept about MK asking me questions about. My attorney Ms. B objected that it’s not relevant, but court overruled and Mr. T continued with police “so they (police) had real serious questions about what he said on the blog about people, especially my client.”

Now attorney Mr. T introduces the police activity to investigate the blog/website with “Real serious question about what he (Mr. K) said on the blog about people, especially about my client.” He continues with “I don’t know why, they’re investigating it. I wasn’t privy to that.” What an alert and bombshell and shocking surprise. Attorney Mr. T doesn’t have a clue to what we have learned about DK. We are aware of the police monitoring the website/blog and there effort to call the attorney in a civil litigation inquiry on posts written two weeks prior to this hearing on June 4, 2019 indicated their interest in DK and other information published in May 2019 and prior.

With that said I ask all to examine May’s posts and you will get a refresher of what they are interested in pursuing. Could it be the unholy connection between MS2 and DK. Let me hear from you after re-reading the posts from April 30 to May 3, 2019.

May 30 – MS2 VA Beach, Ask Google

May 24 – Google Maps ID’s M; What MS2 at DK’s House

May 17 – Evidence’s Question: What’s Going On? What is DK’s Involvement in Shellie’s Case?

May 10 – MS2 Visible on DK – An Unholy Connection?

May 9 – Plaintiff Owns Words – Judge for Yourself

May 3 – DK Reveals MS2 Murder Threat

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“Was His Face the Last Thing Shellie Saw?”

Written by Clarke Kent

Sometimes I ask myself if it’s worth the effort to continue trying to find justice for Shellie. Readers and participants have lost interest and I turned 79 years old and am tired and exhausted. I started with my high school daughter who was looking for her senior project. I introduced her to Bill and Charlotte Carson and my daughter could see the passion in them both and convinced 16 girls at Norfolk Academy to work on the project that eventually became known as the Students for Justice for Shellie. That was in 2009 – 2010. We met with a person named Miranda who worked, herself, on trying to find more information on the murder of Shellie Carson. She created a thread on a nationwide website and we eventually merged into Justice for Shellie. Miranda, myself, and RN are still sctive. RN created the initial tribute to Shellie with her site

I attach an attachment of Remembering Shellie. It tells us that shortly after Shellie’s death, a dear friend, RN put a website on the internet to give Shellie’s family and friends a place to visit and to sign the guestbook. Since some of us don’t have a computer or access to the internet, we thought we would print out what is on Shellie’s site.

I also attach another page entitled A Killer Among Us. Remembering Shellie.

Please read this early attempt by RN to expose the brutal murder of 18 year old Shellie Carson. When I get discouraged not in 2019, 14 years after the murder it’s still worth it. Please let me know if it’s worth the effort of all of us.

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New Info Surfaces to Bolster Connection of DK to Shellie’s Case

Written by Clarke Kent

The question is what part is DK playing with her unholy association with MS2. I can understand that VBPD don’t want to reveal any information on DK that is in the VBPD files, but why did her meth lab episode have to do with Shellie’s murder? We were requesting her information on her contention of sending info to the LE regarding her problems associated with the blog. If it was related to the meth lab wouldn’t it (being) in a meth lab episode file since it was a drug case, not a murder investigation. Why would VBPD be putting all new information in a murder case investigation? With her revelation of her unholy association with MS2 and the LE contacting her civil attorney as well as the quashing of our subpoena certainly raises questions of her involvement with MS2 and Shellie’s murder case. It certainly raises more questions.

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VBPD Contacts DK’s Attorney – What Does that Reveal?

Written by Clarke Kent

I attended a hearing regarding the lawsuit between myself and plaintiff DK. The procedure was recorded and held in circuit court on Tuesday, June 4 at 4 OM. The attorney for DK revealed in his presentation that the VBPD contacted him regarding a recent post by Clarke Kent on our website/blog.

He did not reveal any other facts about why he was contacted, however the recent posts covered MS2 and DK’s unholy association and MS2 imprint on DK and her home.

The following post: “MS2 Va Beach, VAQ 23455, Ask Google;” “MS2 “Evidence’s Question: What is DK’s Involvement in the Shellie Carson Case?” 5/10/19 “MS2 Visible Imprint on DK – An Unholy Connection.” 5/9/19 “Plaintiff’s Own Words – Judge for Yourself.” 5/3/19 “DK Reveals MS2 Murder Threats;” 4/28/19 “MS2 Involvement in Va Beach Jail.”

The question Justice has is why the sudden interest in DK via her attorney? What transpired was not revealed, but in sudden interest in DK, MS2, and Shellie Carson’s blog Justice for Shellie? Please read and ponder and see if this has any relevance to help us towards the goal of Justice for Shellie.

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MS2 VaBeach, VA 23452, Ask Google

Written by Clarke Kent

On January 13, 2018 a source sent me a copy from a Google search on Ms2 Virginia Beach, 23453. It appears as MS2 was promoting some sort of business at an address blocked off by Miranda that was at the location of DK home address. I have attached this copy of the Google Search with the information that gives us an address, hours of operation (open 24 hours), a telephone number #918-236-XXXX and a photo of MS2 and the address in the photo. You can also get direction to the DK Gym operated by MS2. We have numerous copies of pages from MS2’s promotion of himself at an address that is DK’s address.

We know from what we learned that DK claimed under oath that she never ran a business from her house and specifically told us she never had a gym business at her house. We also know that whoever was advertising this via Google were paying for the ad time/space. The days open has changed to occasional and hours were published. Someone was using these ads to promote what they were offering. A gym operated all night and day in a home is a real novelty.

What were they setting, by paying good money for people interested to come to a private home 24/7? Were tenants of this address participants? So many questions and what the heck was going on at this location? The DK association with MS2 in an unholy alliance? Why and what was really happening?

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Google Map ID’s MS2 ar DK’s House – What’s Going On?

Written by Clarke Kent

During our investigation of Plaintiff DK we spent a lot of time and effort researching what we believed had to do with her association of MS2 and her home. We start off with Googling MS2 in Virginia Beach, her address and MS2 at the address.

We received numerous accounts of MS2 operating a business at DK’s home. During her deposition, she was adamant that no business ever existed. We pointedly inquired about a gym which she denied.

We followed our research and made copies of dated information that was out there on the internet. We have about 2 years of copies we recovered. We were interested because we wanted to understand “WHAT WAS GOING ON BETWEEN MS2 and DK.” We can speculate of what we were trying to understand and why this information was visible on the internet, yet people were still unaware. We therefore decided to open this questionable oddity for our records to contemplate, discuss and arrive at their own conclusion. With that said I am going to share copies of what we learned. We started off with Googleing MS2 in Virginia Beach, her address and MS2 at her address. Please read and review and we welcome your input and thoughts. We have more specific info to follow.


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Evidence’s Question: What is DK’s Involvement in the Shellie Carson Case?

Written by Clarke Kent

Evidence asks a basic question in trying to understand DK and propose his thoughts thru a question. What is DK’s involvement in the Shellie Carson murder case? To me it’s a basis of her interest in the beginning when Justice broke the story,, that BW was arrested for the operation of a meth lab in Virginia Beach. Please understand from the beginning that there was not a police report at all about the arrest and following the investigation. Justice found out by a tip from a source who knew what was happening. The Source known as Anon Sourcec was well plugged into the goings ons of the cult of kids in Shellie’s age category.

Let me tell you about what we learned while investigating the meth lab episode. We learned that the owner of the storage facility had a recorder on a surveillance camera that included RK and BW. The recording we received was in the last 4 days of the Unit #105. DK had gone to the owner and demanded that he turn it over to DK. All attempts to get possessions of the evidence on the surveillance tape was eventually given to Bill and myself. What DK didn’t know was that we only got the last days prior to the eviction from the unit. The owner told me he was kicking out RK for dealing drugs. I believe that what DK and RK were interested in was the old tape that possibly incriminated on selling drugs.

We found out that DK and RK were the owners of the unit #105 and this was verified by DK in her deposition, when she states that they did rent a unit, however they called it an office and RK was dealing with computers, etc. We also learned that BW was kept in the unit 24/7 by supplying her with drugs and alcohol. When they were evicted BW found another unit that was just open at unit #100. We found out that RK, MS2, CT and MH were involved. On Nov 7, 2014 the meth lab was discovered and BW was the only one present and was then arrested. The question Evidence aasked was what is DK’s involvement in the Shellie Carson case? We know that MS2 had a party at DK’s home in 2003 and was a close friend with MS2. My thinking is that there is a connection between MS2, DK, RK, BW and the Shellie Carson case. ONLY MS2 is linked as a person of interest in her murder.

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