Justice Interviews MF – Shellie’s EX/ 7-Eleven Clerk – Her Last Words

Written by Clarke Kent

Both myself and my new assistant Lois Lane met MF at 12 Noon on April 15, 2017 for an interview that lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. I asked Lois Lane to write her own version of the interview. I have learned that my astute assistant has a shrewd mind which I appreciate and of great value.

As you read her post you will learn from him several things about Shellie’s funeral, what happened to her rings, MG take on their non-discussion of the party believed to be where Shellie arrived from at MF’s 7-Eleven.

I think it is important to put this interview reported by Lois Lane in perspective. There are no words changed or edited but just the exact words appeared by Lois Lane. Lois did a very commendable job and is definitely a major asset to the Justice for Shellie website/blog.

I will follow up her comments with my own version and my own opinion. Please see the following attachment of Lois Lane’s interview with MF.



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Justice on the “Z” Interview – Shellie’s Protector

Written by Clarke Kent

Lois Lane is a big asset to the Justice for Shellie website/blog in not only helping us on new leads, but for astutely participating with me on interviews. She brings a female perspective to issues and handle questions with intelligence and acute manner. Please see her personal observations attached as Exhibit “A.”

We set the interview for the same Burger King that Shellie worked for just prior to her death. The background of loud music was very annoying for me and I was happy Lois Lane was there to catch anything I may have missed. Zhas a name of ZS and physically is a large impressive man, with a soft spoken dialogue. We found out that Z was originally from New York, but was raised in Va Beach and became MF god brother and he was helped greatly by MF family. We also discovered that Shellie who considered MF mother as a second mother, was part of some of the family life, and as “Z” states we meaning Shellie, MF and his sister M hung out together. We also found out that CT, prior to CT incarceration was boyfriend and girlfriend to Shellie. It appears that when CT was released from his 1 year term, he wanted to continue his relationship with Shellie and that caused problems. Shellie was very afraid of CT and he had MF stay at her home because she feared CT to visit her at her house. MF at a point was discovered in the bathroom shower and Mr. Carson threw him out. It appears the Carsons never knew the reason why he was there since Shellie never let them know. With MF banned “Z” stepped up and protected Shellie until he was jailed for unexplained reasons. “Z” tells us that while he was in jail he heard from the TV of Shellie’s murder and immediately knew it was CT. He also told us that a pink and black bicycle was probable at her home, hidden from her parents since he also worked at BK and frequently they all rode bicycles to work. He also sad he saw text messages on Shellie’s phone from CT that were threatening. At one point I asked “Z” if he was afraid of CT? I felt embarrassed asking him, he gave a negative reply. “Z” is a well built man with a powerful body and my question was answered before I asked him.

I was impressed by “Z” soft spoken manner and his cooperative attitude. He appeared to care fondly for Shellie and my feeling that he enjoyed being Shellie’s defender. He is very street savvy and talked with confident street wisdom. He was gracious and at one point when we discussed MF, he took out his cell phone and contacted MF and coordinated a meeting with MF the next day at 12 noon.He is very believable. I urge all to review Lois Lane’s comment as Exhibit “A” and please let us both know your take on “Z” as Shellie’s protector.


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Probable Cause – Affidavit – Search Warrants – Missing Affidavit??

Written by Clarke Kent

The missing affidavit after almost 12 years of an unsolved murder is not only puzzling but consistent with the investigation into Shellie Carson’s murder on Aug 14, 2005. Every document Justice has requested has been met by opposition, usually under the grounds that it is an ongoing investigation or it was discarded either accidentally or because of the years passing by. While Justice was able to obtain the actual search warrant it’s valued lied in the supporting document known as the affidavit which outlined the existence of the facts and circumstances of facts and which would give a magistrate “reasonable trustworthy information, sufficient in themselves to warrant a person of reasonable caution to believe that a crime has been committed.” Another words that a judge must have legitimate probable cause support within the affiant to issue a search warrant.

In order to help understand that a judge doesn’t grant a warrant without some legit evidence concerning the crime. I quote from the Barron’s Legal Guide written by Steve Gifts.


The search warrant was obtained from the clerks office at the Va Beach Circuit Court. I had a copy of the search warrant made and when I questioned the clerk, about the supporting affidavit, she was unable to produce the affidavit. She instructed me to seek help from a supervisor who I called and told me she would try to obtain the accompanying affidavit. Now I understand the process and if something is sealed from a court order it is put in a sealed envelope that also accompanies the document you requested. However the search warrant was by itself with no sealed envelope attached. After waiting almost 2 days I called the contact who was very polite and inquired, however she still couldn’t answer what happened to the affidavit.

The question I ask myself is why is this case so clouded in secrecy? Why would a search warrant for a person (Wolfman) who was an initial suspect, however he was dropped as a suspect pretty early in the investigation. What was in the affidavit that still has to be protected even after the suspect was dropped as a suspect? Why is any legitimate effort to obtain information on this case so difficult to obtain? The only information we can obtain is thru talking with the Va Beach community – Why? Was the search warrant legal? In another way was the issuance of the warrant tainted and probable cause was not met? Thoughts?

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Justice Obtains Early Search Warrant in Shellie’s Murder

Written by Clarke Kent

The first search warrant in Shellie’s investigation was obtained by Det B.K. Seabold on Aug 15, 2005 and it authorizes a search of a 2 story single family home at 34– Kings Lake Drive. The warrant was executed 5 hours and 15 minutes after a judge approved of the search on 8/15/2005 at 9:30 AM. Beside the search of the house, warrant indicates it also includes sheds, vehicles, and curtilage. The following property, objects and/or persons searched for are “a pair of black women’s pants, women’s underwear, any stained clothing, any trace evidence to include hair, fibers and blood, and a computer.” The search warrant further committed to seize said property, persons and/or objects if they be found and to produce before the Virginia Beach Circuit Court an inventory of all property, persons, and/or objects seized.”

“the search warrant is issued in relation to an offense substantially described as follows: Virginia State Code 18.2-32; Murder” (See attachment B) the Virginia Code Title 18.2-13 is in relation to an offense substantially described as “First and Second Degree Murder.” It states the following:

“Murder, other than capital murder, by poison, lying in wait, imprisonment, starving, or by any willful, deliberate, and premeditated killing, or in the commission of, or attempt to commit, arson, rape, forcible sodomy, inanimate or animate object sexual penetration, robbery, burglary or abduction, except as provided in § 18.2-31, is murder of the first degree, punishable as a Class 2 felony.

All murder other than capital murder and murder in the first degree is murder of the second degree and is punishable by confinement in a state correctional facility for not less than five nor more than forty years.”

Det B.K. Seabold was the applicant and stated in the search warrant that , “I, the undersigned, have found probable cause to believe that the property or person constitutes evidence of the crime identified herein or tends to show that the person(s) named or described herein has committed or is committing a crime, and further that the search should be made, based on the statements in the attached affidavit sworn by B.K. Seabold 1084.”

Det Ray Pickell executed the warrant and obtained the following items and his search inventory included (See Attachment C):

  1. Blue T-Shirt
  2. Underwear
  3. white plastic bag w/ food wrappers
  4. Pillow Case
  5. One Pair or T-Shoes
  6. Dell Computer tower

Thus search warrant targeted JS known as Wolfman and his residency. The statements in the warrant indicates that an attached affidavit sworn by Det B.K. Seabold supports the probable cause evidence of the crime.

My next post concerns this search warrant will discuss probable cause and affidavit.




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Clarke and Lois Lane Brainstorming – Results Will Follow

Written by Clarke Kent

Clarke has worked on the Shellie Carson case for over 7 years and has published more than 1,500 posts. This tax season I took time out to concentrate on medical issues as well as family business. As I stated prior I was happy to announce a new younger woman (in 30s) has joined me with new and different perspective concerning our quest for information to help understand the brutal murder of Shellie Carson on Aug 14, 2005. With that said, Justice welcomes fresh ideas and opinion as well as energy to continue our quest. Both Lois Lane and myself as werking we have identified that may help us learn more about Shellie’s murder. We both agreed that seeking personal contact and learning from people we feel has information is the right journey to pursue.

Justice adds Lois Lane personal email to me that reflects her dedication and energy to pursue this course. She starts with:


Please stay tuned as we will share all information with our readers.

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Did Early Investigation on Shellie Prevent Progress?

Written by Clarke Kent

On Nov 14, 2005, some months after Shellie’s murder Bill sends an email to Lt Kevin Perry questioning the motivation of Lt Perry’s hand picked homicide supervisor, Sgt H. Justice has tried to absorb the ongoing dynamics of the Homicide Unit from a perspective of three very involved individuals Bill. Charlotte and Lt Perry himself. Justice finds it very informative that the Carsons were unsatisfied by the obstinate relationship they were confronted with with Sgt H. They both revealed this displeasure in the email. They tell us that they both observed Sgt H odd attitude towards them as obstinate. Bill states “It is our perception that he seems to illogically reject reasonable suggestion or request from us without any consideration. We are left with the impression that they also make it a point to reveal their impression they have of him as arrogant and his condescending attitude could extend to his treatment of his homicide detectives. They tell Lt Perry that they think he may be thwarting  (or at best retarding) the progress of Shellie’s murder investigation.

Very blunt and to the point they tell Lt Perry that they have a major concern that Sgt H may be preventing or hindering advances in their daughter’s murder case.

After reading his email many times and placing it in the time line of what we believe was happening 3 months after Shellie’s murder I began to think about what we learned after only 3 months and look for any substantiations of Sgt H peculiar attitude to grieving parents. I know that both Bill and Charlotte were inundated with people with information and have forwarded this information to the Homicide Unit. Justice is also aware that Sgt H was also inundated from the public with information mostly dealing with people hearsay, etc. We understand that the VBPD Unit wanted to close this case ASAP and dealing with everyone that has information they think pertinent can be frustrating as well as time consuming.

My reason for explaining this avenue of trying to understand why it appeared to the Carson’s that Sgt H was a road block to solving this case needed to be considered. I revealed Lt Perry’s emails to the response to the Carsons on their perception of Sgt H attitude and was drawn by his endorsement of Sgt H and his total commitment and involvement in this case since Aug 2005. Lt Perry told us that he, Sgt H was responsible for not only directing the personnel and other resources committed to this case to keeping him abreast of all things related to the case.

Lt Perry also tells us he is so intimately familiar with this case and that he Sgt H appears to discount suggestion. Lt Perry further tells us “It is Sgt H who suggests new and innovative avenues to pursue the case.”

Now Lt Kevin Perry verbally tells us that Sgt H ability and dedication to a new area and innovative avenue certainly sounds impressive, however 12 years later it is proven that it was window dressing only However what is being ignored is basic criminal investigation in which they speak with everyone who feels they have important information. A very basic blunder was not talking person to person with don T when he volunteered information on two suspicious vehicles 45 minutes prior to Shellie’s body being discovered at the same location as the two suspicious vehicles were observed. He was totally ignored.

Why was the sighting of a lone female bike rider, believed to be Shellie discounted and why was the vehicle driven by PH, who discovered Shellie’s body never impounded? When I asked JC on our blog to help us understand if a procedure exists in police investigation of a murder to interview suspicious activity at the location of Shellie’s murder, he left the website/blog with out answering.

Was Sgt H so intimately involved in this case as Lt Perry stated that he did not feel these observations important to his intimate knowledge to the case.

I know Bill and Charlotte thought it was important and tried repeatedly to have it investigated. Even if this sighting had nothing to do with the murder wouldn’t it have been prudent to investigate the people associated in the 2 suspicious vehicles/the bike rider and Ph’s vehicle, just to see if they observed any other activity that could have been associated with Shellie’s murder.

The bottom line for Justice is that the investigation was not thorough enough to do basic LE work to check all leads especially when the person himself, Don T was ignored by the investigator.

Is it too late to ask ourselves why they still couldn’t investigate even though the evidence on the floor, as in the back of the pick up truck is gone as is the pick up truck and PH’s white Odyssey. Yes the accolades to Sgt H sounded great, the progress on the investigation was inhibited. Let me know your opinion.

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Was Late Night – 12;53 AM call – Motivation for Shellie to Attend a Party?

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice has previously written about a blocked call on Shellie’s cell phone for 3 minutes from 12:53 Am to 12:56 Am and the possibility that this was motivation for Shellie to bike to this party. This call was 5 hours prior to her murder.

In an email to Justice on Nov 5, 2014 anonymous Source write the following:


Please read anonymous source emails and ask yourself does the timeline and cell contact motivate Shellie to attend the party.

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Lois Lane Interviews and Early Friend of Shellie

Written by Clarke Kent

Lois Lane spoke to a young lady who we will call Jupiter and bring the human side to her short life as well as adding her opinion and observation regarding her murder. Lois Lane who joined Justice for Shellie as an assistant to Clarke wrote the following which we share with our readers (please click the image below to enlarge it for reading):



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Justice’s Conclusion – A 48 Minutes Window Of Shellie Murder

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice after evaluating all the information gathered on Shellie’s murder from 2011 to present, has calculated the time line and has determined Shellie’s murder occurred between the early hours of Sunday morning, Aug 14, 2005 between the hours of 4:12Am and 4:59 AM. In order to estimate the time of her assault/murder we take into our analysis certain information that Justice believes is accurate and believable. After approximately 8 years of investigating all the information learned based on the various facts we estimate that Shellie was interrupted on her bike at 4:30 AM, assaulted and her body was transported in a vehicle possible a pick up truck and disposed with her bike together at the Kings Grant circle arriving just prior to 5:15 AM. No one has come forward to reveal what happened when he body was discovered prior to 6:09 AM. the last person to observe Shellie alive was Don T who saw her riding her bike between 4:06 Am to 4:12 A, on Suffolk Lane and the person who found the body, PH who observed her after dropping his daughter off at work at Lynnhaven Mall. PH, the person who discovered her body, in an interview with Justice stated that he believe she was still alive when he discovered her body at 6AM while returning to his home. The EMS however, who arrived on the scene examined her and established that she was dead and covered her body with a white blanket. The VBPD claims through their spokesman that the established time of discovery is 6:09 AM. Justice differs with that time, and believes it was earlier in the 5:50 AM to 6Am timeline. Justice in an effort to more accurately determine the time was unsuccessful with EMS to obtain their records and was told that the records were destroyed. Having a time line is important and we have made efforts with VBPD to obtain records associated with the call to 911 that alerted police, Fore and EMS to respond to the scene of a female body at the Kings Grant Circle. Justice has not been able to obtain the full picture of what transpired with the discovery of Shellie’s body.

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Shellie Was Not Killed Where Her Body Was Found – But at a School Location

Written by Clarke Kent

On Aug 24, 2012 the creator of the first Shellie website wrote Justice for Shellie website and revealed her personal opinion of which she expresses in the following email. Justice is passing on her early opinion and readers can determine for themselves its value in our quest for justice for Shellie. Please read her opinion and make any comments and thoughts.

I quote the entire email for your analysis.


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